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Temperature in Taiwan to become cooler this week of March, 13 to 15 degrees forecasts

Starting on Monday, cooler temperatures and sporadic rains are forecast for northern and eastern Taiwan with temperatures ranging from 19 – 23 degrees Celsius. 

The intensity of the monsoon will decrease slightly on Tuesday, with sporadic rains for northern and eastern Taiwan, while the rest of the island will see cloudy to sunny skies, the report said. Temperatures will go up slightly in northern Taiwan on Tuesday, but the rest of the country will experience little temperature change.

The monsoon is expected to drop temperatures in northern and northeastern Taiwan to 13 – 15 degrees and bring short occasional rains to the mountainous areas across the island, while flat areas in the center and south can expect to see cloudy to sunny skies.

The monsoon will pass on March 7, with temperatures once again rising, according to the forecast.

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