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Filipino Representative hopes Ph can learn from Taiwan in battling COVID-19 pandemic

The Philippines' top representative in Taiwan, Angelito Banayo, have recently narrated through an opinion piece, how Taiwan and three other countries, is effectively containing the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

On Sunday (April 13), Banayo, the chairman and resident representative of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) in Taipei posted an article in Manila Standard entitled "What they did right". The article pointed out that timely screening and tracking, a national ID system, and affordable high-quality health care make Taiwan stand out in the war against the deadly virus.

He  emphasized that Taiwan's low coronavirus toll is because of the country's early and consistent action unlike Philippines that has unsure number COVID-19 cases due to late reaction and low testing capability.

Banayo mentioned how testing, tracking, and treatment were seriously and effectively implemented in Taiwan with transparency while still bracing for recurrence or worse coronavirus figures.

He also recalled how Taiwan is much poorer than Philippines in the 50's. He added that just two months  ago, Taiwan reported 13 cases of coronavirus and two deaths, while the Philippines recorded only three cases and one death. 

With this, the representative ended his article by asking why other countries cannot do the right response amid the pandemic just like Taiwan does.

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