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Law establishing Department of Migrant Workers now approved

The proposal for the establishment of the Department of Migrant Workers or Republic Act No. 11641 was approved that will focus on the concerns of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

The law was signed by the President Rodrigo Duterte at the same time as the signing of the 2022 national budget at a ceremony held in MalacaƱang.

He said OFWs are considered new heroes because of their sacrifice to help the people.

“The establishment of the Department of Migrant Workers happen on the celebration of Rizal Day, when we honor, not only the exceptional love of country of Dr. Jose Rizal, but also the patriotism, excellence and courage of our modern-day heroes, including our Overseas Filipino Workers,” the president said.

The said law is one of the priority legislative measures of the Duterte administration.

The DMW will develop policies, plans and programs that will ensure the protection and resolution of the problems faced by Filipino workers working abroad.

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