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Lapid filed bill to ban selling of junk foods and sugary drinks in schools

Senator Lito Lapid is legislating the permanent ban on selling junk foods and sugary drinks in schools and promote healthy meals for students.

In Lapid's Senate Bill 1231, it aims to establish a Healthy Food and Beverage Program that aims to prohibit the sale, distribution and promotion of junk foods and sugary drinks inside schools and in stores that are 100 meters away from schools.

When it becomes a law, it will be implemented in all elementary and secondary schools.

The proposal also promotes healthy and proper food for learners, teachers and non-teaching personnels.

Lapid emphasized that healthy food plays an important role in the learning and cognitive development of students especially and in some studies it has been found that students who do not eat enough nutrition have difficulty learning, low scores  grades and some are forced to drop out of school.

"Healthy eating plays an important role in learning and cognitive development. Studies show that children who do not get adequate nutrients experience more difficulty in learning from school leading to lower academic test scores, or worse, tend to drop out of school," Lapid said.

"Ensuring the availability of food that are high in nutritional content will not only promote better health but also better learning," the senator added.


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