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Colon Cancer Has The Most Cases Of Cancer Types In Taiwan

 According to the Health Promotion Administration (HPA) of Taiwan, colon cancer is the most common form of cancer that affects most people living in Taiwan. Colon cancer continued to be the highest number of cases in Taiwan for 11th consecutive years.

Colon cancer followed by lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and oral cancer have the most number of cases. Although the numbers of patients having these types of cancers are decreasing through the years as recommended to have regular checkups.

Colon cancer is a type of cancer formed in the large intestine (colon) as this is the final part of man’s digestive tract. In most cases colon cancer begins on a clumps of cells that are called polyps and overtime these polyps become colon cancer cells.

Common symptoms of colon cancers includes the following:
1.      Change in bowel habits
2.      Change in consistency of stool that lasts four weeks
3.      Rectal bleeding or having blood on stool
4.      Abdominal discomfort
5.      Fatigue
6.      Weight loss

Doctors recommend regular and routine checkup to prevent colon cancers and to remove polyps before they turn into cancer.

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