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Exploring Yehliu, Shifen And Jiufen In One Day Via KKDay

Yehliu Geopark, Shifen’s Old Street and Waterfalls and Jiufen Old Street are the most common tourists spot in northern Taiwan and northeastern Taipei. It is a weekend and expect lots of visitors and tourist all over. There were no direct transportation between the three, but by means of a voucher you may visit the three locations in 1 full day.

Bought 2 vouchers from KKDay (a travel agency) and you may present the voucher, printed or by electronic mail, before the start of the trip. Set for the meeting place at the East gate of Taipei Main Station “Eric” our tour guide from KKDay (with a mini flag of KKDay) called for everyone who holds the vouchers as he checked one by one.

KKDay bus
Eric now has a total of around 25 tourists from different countries and surprisingly we use a bus instead of 2 vans which is very comfortable. Complimentary with a bottle of water you won’t get thirsty in the bus ride. Eric throws a lot of stories and Trivia while on the ride of our three different destinations, you will never get bored.

Ocean view at Yehliu Geopark

10:15am arrived at Yehliu Geopark;

Yehliu Geopeark home of the famous Queen’s Head, this geopark is forms by natural events like earthquakes and others. Forming different kind of rock formation and is divided into three parts. Entrance tickets costs NT80 (Php136) and is applicable in the whole area. Great ocean view and lots of stuffs can do here, it may get crowded is some parts and it is very worth the visit.

Queen's Head

12:10pm arrived at Shifen Old Street;

Arrived in Shifen noon time, there are lots of tourists around the area specially at the train track where they fly the colorful lanterns. Of course its our turn also to fly lanterns with written wishes and prayers in it. Sadly, due to traffic congestion during weekend the tour bus is not allowed to go to the parking to Shifen Waterfalls but still you can go but make sure to get back in time in the old street. Since we have only limited time in Shifen, we just eat out different foods in the area like stuffed chicken wings, Taiwanese sausage and sticky rice, yakult smoothie, mango smoothie.

Sausage and Sticky rice
Similar to sapin sapin

02:25pm arrived at Jiufen Old Street;

Since it is weekend and part of regulation of Jiufen, no private bus is allowed to pass by Jiufen Old Street, our bus stops at the parking of bus of Keelung buses. We have to commute using the regular buses costs NT$15 (Php25) around 10minute ride.

Located in the northern part facing the Pacific, Jiufen Old Street has a taste of yesteryear mixing the old and modern charms. There are lots of food stalls and souvenir shops around the area. You are hungry? That is not a problem, there are lots of free taste like pineapple cakes, taro balls, seaweeds, dried fruits, nougat, tea and others. You also find here lots of red lanterns and lamps giving it a charming ambience while walking.

08:15am meet up in Taipei Main Station
09:00am ETD of bus going to Yehliu
10:00am Yehliu Geopark
11:30am Shifen Old Street
02:00pm Jiufen Old Street
04:00pm ETD Jiufen Bus Parking
05:00pm ETA in Taipei Main Station

Overall the KKDay experience for this tour is worth it. 5pm still very early to go back to the hotel or inn, this is the best time to go around a night market. There are many night markets to choose from, Shilin night market, Raohe night market, Shida nigh market, even Ximending youth shopping district. It would be the very best choice to cap your day.


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