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Robotic Arm Designed And Ready To Serve Bubble Milk Tea

With an aim to ensure the quality of the popular drink, bubble milk tea, a very first designed robotic arm ready to make and shake any fresh cup of milk tea. The designer of the robotic arm said that it can help to shake about 100 cups per hour.

Bubble milk tea is the most celebrated drink in Taiwan and gaining popularity worldwide. The perfect cup must be shake well and it is a tiring job to everyone and that is the main purpose of the robotic arm.

The robotic arm is capable of adding tea, sugar, tapioca pearls or any other ingredients into the cup and shake it for about 30 to 40 seconds. Although it still needs a little support to manpower to do the cooking of tapioca pearls. There lots of mixer in the market but this robotic arm is special as it makes sure that every cup of a bubble milk tea is evenly mixed.

A Taiwan government funded organization teamed up the local suppliers and food machinery to build this robotic arm and the future is bright.

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