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Six E-Sports Medal Games To Debut in 2019 SEA Games In Manila

Six Gold Medal games for Electronics Sports (eSports) in 2019 Southeast Asian Games will welcome its first competition in the Philippines. The eSports in SEA games will be accredited by Asian Electronics Sports Federation, eSports is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

The competition is divided in three platforms naming console, PC and mobile with two games in each platform totaling 6 medals. Razer a well-known gaming hardware manufacturer will be the partner for the hardware to use to the competition.

For PC eSports competition:
1.      Dota 2
2.      Starcraft II

For Smartpohnes eSports Competition
1.      Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
2.      Arena of Valor

For Console eSports Competition:
1.      Tekken 7
2.      (Still undergoing evaluation)

The 6th and final e-sport game will be announced in a few weeks as it is still undergoing evaluation process. All e-sports competition are gender inclusive, it means that all games can be played by both men and women.

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