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Taiwan Hiring To Be Alert And Cautious In Early 2019

According to a US based advisory firm ManpowerGroup, employer in Taiwan will be alert and caution in hiring when 2019 kicks in. Being watchful of the net hiring is due to the growing tensions if the United States-China trade war. Some Taiwanese companies already mulling out of China to have their businesses working.

Taiwan’s manufacturing sector still has its growth but its net hiring for the first quarter fall 2% according to the survey made by the firm group. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) has the number of migrant workers in terms of working in the manufacturing industry of Taiwan especially in electronics, semiconductor and food manufacturing.

Its transportation, warehousing, communication, retail and wholesale industry stood the best in terms of net hiring but unluckily only few OFW are hired in this kind of sectors.

Employers are looking to expand the its manpower by exerting more skills to their workforce and be flexible to other jobs in the first period. While other employers will decide to cut jobs and others will stay the same number of manpower. The net hiring outlook for financial, insurance and real estate industry also fell, survey shows.

Although Taiwan has still a high percentage in net hiring even its total percentage fall rank second in net hiring. Japan has the highest net hiring in Asia Pacific region, HongKong comes third followed by China and Singapore, according to the surveys made by ManpowerGroup.

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