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7 Health Problems Your Body Feels When You Hate Your Job

There is so much health problems that may affect your body when you hate your job, this could lead to stress that you can’t handle. Work stress may be ruining your health as your body starts to act differently.
Below are some health problems that your body may feel before you do:

1. Restless due to sleepless nights, if you can’t sleep properly because your mind is racing and wake up in the middle of the night thinking for the job for tomorrow.

2. Getting not enough sleep means you will get sick more often, having colds and coughs due and high level of stress.

3. You appetite change due to stress, and according to study eating due to stress can lead to overweight and obesity and possibly diabetes which can increase hunger as your appetite is linked closely to the brain.

4. Always tired or early fatigue even doing nothing, as this is always a feeling when you hate your job.
5. You will lose interest with your partner because instead of focusing on him/her, you focus on you work that you bring home and this situation you relationship with your partner may suffer.

6. If you are a worrier, your mental health will be affected because instead you relax you think of everything but to work.

7. Headaches all the time as it keeps your muscles wound tight due to the tensions in the neck, shoulders and head. Worse your muscles are in general ache due to stress.

There are still positive to battle this health problem to stay healthy from your hated job like, take breaks or a vacation leave to relax your mind from your job. Take out yourself from negative thinking but focus only to the situation you can control or at best leave that job and find a new one.

Eating Fried Chicken A Day Linked To Higher Risk Of Death

Published by medical journal JMB, one serving of fried chicken and eating it daily will send higher risk of death by 13% due to heart related diseases, especially on women. The study is compared with women who did not eat fried food in particular of fried chicken.

The authors highlight to limit eating fried foods specially fried chicken could be good for owns health, this is a new study done for postmenopausal in the US.

"We know fried food consumption is something very common in the United States and also around the world. Unfortunately, we know very little about long-term health effect of fried food consumption," according to the author.

Previous research that consumption of fried foods increased the risk in heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

These foods are somewhat healthy but if you fry them, this good foods will turn out to be the harmful thing to anyone. The author also warns that it not only women, it can also be applied to men as it shows no gender differences.

The process of frying the foods that cause the problem, it could be an ultra-process that tends to have high volume of sodium, eating it daily will consume more calories, fats and salt. The author advise to use healthier cooking methods at home like baking, roasting and grilling and choose healthier options.

Filipino Made Hybrid Electric Train To Hit Philippine Railway Soon

A hybrid electric train will soon be used in railway tracks of the Philippines, this is the very first in the history of the country. It is designed and proudly made by Filipinos under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and will be operational by Philippine National Railways (PNR).

The train is powered by batteries and generator that makes the train project as environment-friendly and it does not need any overhead power lines, according to the project leader Engineer Pablo Acuin.

Running the electric powered train does not require any further infrastructure, the train is 60 meters long with almost the same size of the currently running PNR trains. The train has 5 coaches, with 4 coaches are used for passengers and the other 1 use to carry the generator.

It is 1 coach more than the power using train by PNR, it can accommodate a maximum 880 passengers one way. The hybrid electric train is way cheaper that it costs Php120 Million when it was first bided out.

The train was designed and locally made by a core team of 10 Filipino engineers and also has the capability to maintain and operate. Additional electric train will create more jobs for engineers as the first will hit the rail tracks soon.

Taiwan To Follow Suit To Ban Chinese Devices Used By The Government

Due to the allegations of spying risk that impose threat to cyber security made by telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei, Taiwan is following suit like the other countries to ban Chinese made equipment that are use officially the government.

By the end of March 2019, the country will release blacklisted Chinese products and devices and will no longer be used to protect the government agencies data. This is to follow when US ban Huawei products on their government offices which then have allegations of spying made by the company.

Technology companies in China set to ban by government use are Huawei Technologies, computer manufacturer Lenovo, video surveillance manufacturer Hikvision and Internet-of-Things (IoT) provider Zhejian Dahua Tech Co., to name a few. Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute will be barred to access anyone who uses Huawei products for security purposes.

Other countries that already banned some Chinese products for their government include United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, and other Europe countries, Taiwan and India now reportedly to follow suit.

iPhone Assemblers And Suppliers Cuts Thousands Of Seasonal Jobs

Taiwanese company Foxconn Technology also known as Hon Hai Precision the biggest assembler of Apple’s iPhone have cut around 50,000 contract workers earlier than what is being expected in the main iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China. The workforce is scaled back due to the slow season production of iPhone according to report of Nikkei’s Asian Review.

The tech giant said that Apple’s iPhone it has a slump in revenue at the end of last year as they struggle with a slow demand, which is far away from what it is expected for the iconic and famous iPhone. Reports also said that 2019 will be difficult for the smartphone market due to the US-China trade war.

The company is about to reduce 200,000 head counts by tens of thousands every month until they reach the target of 100,000. That is 50% cut jobs from the original head count, as they refer it to as the minimum number required for work.

Another Taiwanese company in Pegatron Corporation which is the second largest iPhone assembler behind Foxconn already started canceling monthly labor contracts.

Other key suppliers had to ask 4000 workers to go on a forced leave for six months and the supplier will decide if they will be laid off after the vacation.

Foxconn and Pegatron show reports of sharp decline in monthly revenues in the smartphone department due low and slow demand for consumer electronics. Foxconn has Apple as its top customer which also supplies the needs of HP, Dell, Huawei, Xiaomi, Acer and other global brands.

Majority Of Lung Cancer Patients In Taiwan Are Non-Smokers

On a report at Shin Kong Wu Ho-su Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, they found out that majority of lung cancer patient are women and whom are non-smokers. One of the most deadly cancer type in the world where unhealthy smoke affect the health of the lungs of a person.

83.5% of diagnosed patients with lung cancer are non-smokers, excluding the habit of smoking other factors of lung cancer include genetics and chronic diseases, also affecting are indoor and outdoor air pollutants.

There are incidents that a patient is very well, exercise daily and eat healthy foods but found to have lung cancer by coughing for two straight weeks.

Airborne pollutants with PM2.5 matter (same air measurement happened to Kaohsiung) have been classified by the World health Organization as the International Agency for Research on Cancer as one of the main cause of lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

Other factors of indoor and outdoor air pollutants include second-hand smoke coming from smokers have second high level of air pollutants, vehicle smoke, incense and cooking fumes from either home or at a restaurant.

Doctors advised smokers who have smoke for about 10-20years who are smoking about 5-10 cigarettes a day must have an appointment for a computed tomography scan (CT Scan) and have regular check ups.


How Working Night Shift Impact Your Overall Health

Working night shift surely has an impact on your overall health, the longer working at night the more it effects the health. Sleeping properly is the main problem for every person working nightshift exclusively or often, either way lack of sleep impact your health.

Here’s what you need to know on how working night shift may impact your health:

1. It will impact your blood pressure that may lead to hypertension

2. Will have sleeping disorders like insomnia and excessive sleep

3. Affects the heart that increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke

4. Affects menstrual cycle and pregnancy for women

5. Eating meals that your body not to use to that will impact your digestive health

6.  Mental health can be affected and may experience symptoms of depression and anxiety

7. Metabolic disorders that include changes in fat leading to obesity and insulin resistance that become diabetes

8. Impact your mood and make you feel irritable

There are lot of ways to manage the above disorders not to overall affect your health, experts still advices to have a regular exercise as working nightshifts always tied with mental, emotional and physical side affects.

Taiwan Opened Chinese Language Course At PUP

The Ministry of Education of Taiwan funded an organization to open a Chinese language teaching course in Manila's Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). This would be the first time for the school to open a Chinese language course since its establishment.

PUP is one of the best public college school in the Philippines producing high quality graduates. The opening ceremonies was organized by Taiwan Education Center Philippines led by officials from Taiwan.

The organization Taiwan Education Center Philippines sets up in 2017 and is operated by Taiwan's Sun Yat-sen University commissioned by the Ministry of education of Taiwan.

According to officials, the language course will last for two months that aims the student to become Chinese language teachers, official translators and for more Filipinos to learn the Chinese language.

There were as many as 20 college language professors and lecturers that signed up for the course. This program also promotes educational and cultural exchange for both the Philippines and Taiwan.


Study: Alcohol Will Make You Speak Foreign Language Fluently

Drinking alcohol lower the level of shyness or self-consciousness making alcohol makes you more brave and speak foreign language fluently. A glass of beer or wine brings signs to your brain and makes your heart pump fast that make your adrenaline work.

In a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology where it involved 50 German speakers in Maastricht University, each are occasional drinkers and have classes in speaking Dutch, also passed exam in proficiency on that language.

In the study, half were given a glass of water and the other half were given alcohol (amount of alcohol is based on their weight). Then all volunteers have a casual 2 minute conversation with an interviewer in Dutch language.

All of the conversations are recorded and scored by two native Dutch speakers, but the native Dutch person never know who drank the water and the alcohol. The results who drank water and alcohol are surprisingly the same.

The difference is those who drank the alcohol have better fluency and much better pronunciation of every terms compared to those who have water. But an excessive amount of alcohol may result to a unclear speech.

Germany To Directly Hire 400 Filipino Nurses Under POEA

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) with partnership with Germany’s Triple Win Project are to hire at least 400 Filipino nurses and are now accepting applications.

Successful and selected applicants will have a starting monthly salary of 1,900 Euros or around 127,000 and will increase to 2300 Euros or around 154,000 after recognition as qualified nurse. The employer will be paying the visa and airfare from Philippines to Germany.

To qualify, applicant must meet qualifications below:
-  Male or Female, Filipino Citizen
-  Bachelor of Science in Nursing
-  Has an active Philippine Nursing License
-  With two years professional working experience in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or care institutions

Applicants are required to have a German language proficiency and/or for the selected applicants willing to learn German language in the Philippines which will be shouldered by the employer, the language class will be on April and May 2019.

Applicants who are qualified must register online at and submits all the required documents at POEA office at No. 180028" at the Blas F. Ople Bldg. (formerly POEA Bldg.), Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

Required documents are the ff:
-  Cover letter and curriculum vitae (passport size pic)
-  High School Diploma (Notarized Copy)
-  Nursing Diploma (Notarized Copy)
-  Board certificate and copy of nursing license
-  Certificate of employment (Notarized copy)
-   Certificate for German language
-   Valid Passport
-  Pre-employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)

Deadline for submission of application will be on February 28, 2019 and interview is scheduled by the end of March.

OFW Favorites KFC And McDonalds In Taiwan Have Increased In Menu Prices

The minimum wage and raw materials have increased in food service in Taiwan sending the top fast food chain in the country and internationally Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and McDonalds to increase the prices of their menu.

The increased likely fall from four percent to six percent on almost all of the items, increase of prices for both fast food chain will start this month of January 2019.

According to KFC Taiwan, this is the first time that KFC increased its price since 2016 and cost since then are remarkably high. For the all-time favorite fried chicken, chicken burgers and egg tart will increase by NT2 (Php3.5) up to NT10 (Php17). Although set menu are planned to decrease the pricing.

McDonalds on the other hand will almost have the same increase in the burgers as their burger food chain competitors Burger King and MOS Burger do not have plans to increase their prices.

Other food chains that already increased the prices are famous OFW food chain Pizza Napoli, tourist favorite Din Tai Fung, Formosa Chang, Mercuries Beef Noodle Restaurant to name a few.

Taiwan Looking For Volunteers For First Face Transplant

Since it already gain an approval by Taiwan government, Kaohsiung based surgeon is seeking and looking for volunteers to undergo the very first face transplant.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare gave a go signal to the Department of Surgery at Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital and to its team to have a face transplant for the first time in Taiwan. There are 40 successful cases of face transplant in the world and Taiwan looking to add to it.

Face transplant would be extremely classy surgeries involving expert and highly complex surgery technique. Face transplant requires microsurgery, craniofacial surgery and facial shaping.

With their ability to conduct this kind of surgery will boost Kaohsiung’s fame in potential medical tourism. The concept of face transplant gained attention after the movie Face/Off in 1997.

Researchers: Staying Up Late At Night Likelier To Die Younger

According to researchers, people who are staying late at night are likelier to die younger other than those who rise and set with the sun. A 10percent higher risk as per their study of night time people.

Staying late up night is a very big issue and it must not be ignored and night type people should think and consider other job or activity than staying up late advised by one of the researchers. Anyone who tries to live at night may suffer serious health consequences, they added.

Their study shows 27percent are definitely a morning person, 35 percent are more a morning person than evening person, 28 percent are more of evening than a morning person and 9 percent are definitely evening persons.

Listing habits of smoking habits, drinking habits, eating habits and socioeconomic status, night owls have more risk of dying other than those in the morning group of people. They will also likely to smoke more, drink alcohol and coffee more and use of some drugs to stay awake which affect the health status.

Night group people are likely to suffer psychological disorders, diabetes, stomach and breathing difficulties and less sleep during the day. Researchers urged the night owls to have special treatment to stay a healthier lifestyle.

Kaohsiung City Tops Most Air Polluted City In Taiwan

In all of the City and County in Taiwan, Kaohsiung City ranked as having the worst air level pollution at PM2.5, this is unhealthy environment according to Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Taiwan. . It still tops the chart although it already decreases its level compared to last year.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) have recorded a total of 2,057 orange alert levels of air which is unhealthy for sensitive groups and 277 red alerts that is considered as unhealthy. Tainan City still comes second (also last year) and Yunlin County comes next.

Below are the 10 City and County in terms of Polluted Air:
  1. Kaohsiung City
  2. Tainan City
  3. Yunlin County
  4. Changhua County
  5. Taichung City
  6. Taoyuan City
  7. Nantou County
  8. Chiayi County
  9. Pingtung County
  10. Miaoli County
Air Quality Index shows a decrease of both orange and red alert levels compared to last year. Top 3 recorded are Kaohsiung has 702 orange alerts and 124 red alerts, Tainan with 204 orange alerts and 32 red alerts and Yunlin with 208 orange alerts and 23 red alerts.
Not in the list of top 10, Taipei City and New Taipei City recoded a red alert for air pollution during the Lantern Festival and Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County also saw an increase of the alert levels.


Tainan Offers Totally Free Walking Tours

National Museum of Taiwan Literature

Before Taipei, Tainan is the ancient and cultural capital of Taiwan and is a place for leisurely living. The government of Tainan offers free walking tours for its guests and visitors, the service “totally” free, no payment and no tipping is required for the guide and interpreter.

The free walking tour is divided into two, guests and visitors may choose any of the following:

1.      Classic Tour gives you to the spots of history and culture of Tainan that includes sites such as Confucius Temple, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Temple of Heaven also called Tiangong Temple, Wu garden and Hayashi Department Store.

2.      Local Life Tour will bring you to Tainan’s well known streets and alleys such as the famous Snail Alley and its savory traditional markets that will give you the interesting lifestyle and leisure.

Visitors are recommended to relax while touring on the site and enjoy the quite atmosphere of the area. The best time to have a walking tour is during the weekend, the walking tour last for about two hours with various stops to the sites and limit of five person per group.

An advance online registration is required for anyone participating the tour.

Check below sites and contact info:
For any questions you may write an email to the travel service section of Tourism Bureau of Tainan at or contact at telephone number +886-3901563 or visit this site

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