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Eating Fried Chicken A Day Linked To Higher Risk Of Death

Published by medical journal JMB, one serving of fried chicken and eating it daily will send higher risk of death by 13% due to heart related diseases, especially on women. The study is compared with women who did not eat fried food in particular of fried chicken.

The authors highlight to limit eating fried foods specially fried chicken could be good for owns health, this is a new study done for postmenopausal in the US.

"We know fried food consumption is something very common in the United States and also around the world. Unfortunately, we know very little about long-term health effect of fried food consumption," according to the author.

Previous research that consumption of fried foods increased the risk in heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

These foods are somewhat healthy but if you fry them, this good foods will turn out to be the harmful thing to anyone. The author also warns that it not only women, it can also be applied to men as it shows no gender differences.

The process of frying the foods that cause the problem, it could be an ultra-process that tends to have high volume of sodium, eating it daily will consume more calories, fats and salt. The author advise to use healthier cooking methods at home like baking, roasting and grilling and choose healthier options.

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