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How Working Night Shift Impact Your Overall Health

Working night shift surely has an impact on your overall health, the longer working at night the more it effects the health. Sleeping properly is the main problem for every person working nightshift exclusively or often, either way lack of sleep impact your health.

Here’s what you need to know on how working night shift may impact your health:

1. It will impact your blood pressure that may lead to hypertension

2. Will have sleeping disorders like insomnia and excessive sleep

3. Affects the heart that increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke

4. Affects menstrual cycle and pregnancy for women

5. Eating meals that your body not to use to that will impact your digestive health

6.  Mental health can be affected and may experience symptoms of depression and anxiety

7. Metabolic disorders that include changes in fat leading to obesity and insulin resistance that become diabetes

8. Impact your mood and make you feel irritable

There are lot of ways to manage the above disorders not to overall affect your health, experts still advices to have a regular exercise as working nightshifts always tied with mental, emotional and physical side affects.

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