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OFW Favorites KFC And McDonalds In Taiwan Have Increased In Menu Prices

The minimum wage and raw materials have increased in food service in Taiwan sending the top fast food chain in the country and internationally Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and McDonalds to increase the prices of their menu.

The increased likely fall from four percent to six percent on almost all of the items, increase of prices for both fast food chain will start this month of January 2019.

According to KFC Taiwan, this is the first time that KFC increased its price since 2016 and cost since then are remarkably high. For the all-time favorite fried chicken, chicken burgers and egg tart will increase by NT2 (Php3.5) up to NT10 (Php17). Although set menu are planned to decrease the pricing.

McDonalds on the other hand will almost have the same increase in the burgers as their burger food chain competitors Burger King and MOS Burger do not have plans to increase their prices.

Other food chains that already increased the prices are famous OFW food chain Pizza Napoli, tourist favorite Din Tai Fung, Formosa Chang, Mercuries Beef Noodle Restaurant to name a few.

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