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Researchers: Staying Up Late At Night Likelier To Die Younger

According to researchers, people who are staying late at night are likelier to die younger other than those who rise and set with the sun. A 10percent higher risk as per their study of night time people.

Staying late up night is a very big issue and it must not be ignored and night type people should think and consider other job or activity than staying up late advised by one of the researchers. Anyone who tries to live at night may suffer serious health consequences, they added.

Their study shows 27percent are definitely a morning person, 35 percent are more a morning person than evening person, 28 percent are more of evening than a morning person and 9 percent are definitely evening persons.

Listing habits of smoking habits, drinking habits, eating habits and socioeconomic status, night owls have more risk of dying other than those in the morning group of people. They will also likely to smoke more, drink alcohol and coffee more and use of some drugs to stay awake which affect the health status.

Night group people are likely to suffer psychological disorders, diabetes, stomach and breathing difficulties and less sleep during the day. Researchers urged the night owls to have special treatment to stay a healthier lifestyle.

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