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Tainan Offers Totally Free Walking Tours

National Museum of Taiwan Literature

Before Taipei, Tainan is the ancient and cultural capital of Taiwan and is a place for leisurely living. The government of Tainan offers free walking tours for its guests and visitors, the service “totally” free, no payment and no tipping is required for the guide and interpreter.

The free walking tour is divided into two, guests and visitors may choose any of the following:

1.      Classic Tour gives you to the spots of history and culture of Tainan that includes sites such as Confucius Temple, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Temple of Heaven also called Tiangong Temple, Wu garden and Hayashi Department Store.

2.      Local Life Tour will bring you to Tainan’s well known streets and alleys such as the famous Snail Alley and its savory traditional markets that will give you the interesting lifestyle and leisure.

Visitors are recommended to relax while touring on the site and enjoy the quite atmosphere of the area. The best time to have a walking tour is during the weekend, the walking tour last for about two hours with various stops to the sites and limit of five person per group.

An advance online registration is required for anyone participating the tour.

Check below sites and contact info:
For any questions you may write an email to the travel service section of Tourism Bureau of Tainan at or contact at telephone number +886-3901563 or visit this site

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