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Taiwan Opened Chinese Language Course At PUP

The Ministry of Education of Taiwan funded an organization to open a Chinese language teaching course in Manila's Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). This would be the first time for the school to open a Chinese language course since its establishment.

PUP is one of the best public college school in the Philippines producing high quality graduates. The opening ceremonies was organized by Taiwan Education Center Philippines led by officials from Taiwan.

The organization Taiwan Education Center Philippines sets up in 2017 and is operated by Taiwan's Sun Yat-sen University commissioned by the Ministry of education of Taiwan.

According to officials, the language course will last for two months that aims the student to become Chinese language teachers, official translators and for more Filipinos to learn the Chinese language.

There were as many as 20 college language professors and lecturers that signed up for the course. This program also promotes educational and cultural exchange for both the Philippines and Taiwan.


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