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5 Activities To Do In Taipei For First Time Travelers In Taiwan

There are abundant of activities to do in Taipei, Taiwan but for first time traveler there is a must place visit and a must do activity to enjoy your vacation in the small island. Taiwan has four seasons and dress properly according to the weather for more fun vacation in Taipei.

Here are 5 Activities you can do as first time traveler to Taipei:

1. Go Up To Taipei 101 Observatory Deck

View from observatory deck

Visit Taipei 101 and go up to the observatory deck at the 89th floor and enjoy the whole view of the city of Taipei, the best time to go here is during the sunset as you can also the lights of the comes to life. Ride one of the fastest elevator in the world and be amazed with the mass wind damper of the building.

2. Hike Up To Elephant Mountain

Steep stairs going up of Elephant Mountain

If you are on budget on don’t want to spend for Taipei 101, you can hike Elephant Mountain for same view. It is a steep 20-30minute hike, it is full of stairs therefore now worries on how to go up and down. There are resting areas along the way, do not forget to snap a picture with the city and the iconic Taipei 101.

3. Fill Your Belly At Night Markets

The famous Shilin Night Market

Other tourists just go directly and enjoy food at a night market in Taipei, famous night market of Shilin, Nanxia, Huaxi, Raohe, Shida are some with numerous amount of food stalls. You can also buy different kinds of apparel here in a very low price.

4.  Wander To Different Parks In Taipei

Martyr's Shrine

There are parks in Taipei, from family parks to tourist parks. Parks in Taipei are properly maintained like Daan Park, 228 Peace Memorial Park, Dahu Park, Xiangshan Park with other parks have playground for kids. Your picnic and afternoon peace will be goo here.

5. Check Out Memorial Halls and Temples

228 Peace Memorial Park

Some of the popular Memorial Halls are Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Sun Yet-san Memorial Hall, Martyrs shrine and temples like Lungshan Temple as the oldest temple in Taipei, Confucius Temple and many more. See the changing of guard on all of the three memorial halls mentioned, have you pictures taken with the detailed design of halls and temples.

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