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5 Things To Do At Nanliao Fishing Port and Harbor In Hsinchu

Hsinchu have been crowned again as the happiest city in all of Taiwan and one of its most popular spot have been Nanliao which is around 10-15minutes bus ride away from the city center. Although literally lack of touristy spots to uncover, Naliao offers so much to have a good afternoon or weekends getaway.

Here are the 5 things you can do at Nanliao:

1. Bike the 17km Coastal Scenic Area

With a great 17km coast line, the best to discover the place is by biking thru the bike paths, bike rentals are abundant in the area. While biking you will pass by mangrove trees and bird watching area. An afternoon bike in the coastal area would be fantastic, you may rent from single, double or e-bikes.

2.  Catch the deep red orange sunset

Since afternoon is the best time to visit Nanliao, sunset will be very romantic here as you see the deep red and orange sun sets beneath the sea. This view will be romantic for couples and sweet for family and friends.

3. Eat local foods

You can different foods to catch at Hsinchu Fishing Harbor, there are food stalls and restaurant to choose from around the harbor. There are famous Taiwan sausages, dumplings, beef noodle soup, a pizza joint and others.

4. Fly a kite like your childhood

Aside from biking, flying a kite is a famous activity in the coastal area. With the wind beside the seabed flying a kite in Nanliao will be so much fun like flying a kite when you were in your childhood. There is a annual Kite Festival in the area.

5.  Watch dragon boat racing

There groups that practice dragon boat racing and lucky enough if you catch a competition. Watching dragon boat race is fun and fantastic. How about race with the boat while biking the 17km coast line, sound good right?

How to go Nanliao in Hsinchu?
From Hsinchu TRA Train Station, walk pass thru SOGO and ride Bus #15 that go straight to Nanliao station and it will be the last stop of the bus.

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