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Be Captivated On Beimen Crystal Church Of Tainan

Beimen Crystal Church was planned and made Tainan government to boost its tourism, located in Beimen Distric in Tainan which is popularly known for its salt drying and fish farming industry. 

Beimen is a rural area which is far away from the district but the crystal church itself makes it worth to visit the area.

The crystal transparent church is a open air landscape that floats on water. It is very romantic during either sunrise or at dusk and is perfect for pre-nuptial wedding photography.

Activities around Beimen Crystal Church are photo ops with art installation in a dreamy white piano, a huge stone carving, bamboo wooden red heart and others. With images surfacing social media, the area now have become a tourist attraction with several visitors in it.

Other attractions in Beimen are Nankunshen Temple one of the most visited temple in Taiwan and Jingzijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields where you can watch a beautiful sunset.

How to go to Beimen Crystal Church?
From tainan bus station, ride the Blue bus a d get off at Jiali Station then ride Blue bus No.2 to North Gate Office Station (crystal church ) 

727, Tainan City, Beimen District, 北門里200號


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