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Camera Lens Supplier Company Largan Precision Saw Sales Increased

Largan Corporation, the leading smartphone camera lens supplier of Taiwan saw its sales rise. Largan customers include camera lens of Apple’s iPhone, Sony Corporation, Samsung Electronics and leading smartphone sales manufacturer Huawei Technologies. 

Camera lenses with 10 to 20 megapixels have the highest percentage of orders with 50%-60% of total shipments followed by lenses 20 and above megapixels and 8 megapixels lenses. The consolidated revenue of the company amounted at NT$3.35 Billion (Php5.70 Biliion). 

Largan Precision houses big factories and are located in Taichung County, the company has also several Filipino migrant workers working as machine operators and quality inspectors. 

New orders are on the rise as the trend to large-aperture lenses, multi-lenses design have become necessary to increase resolution to be built specially in a smartphone. The triple camera and even the quad camera concept have boost demands of the camera supply. 

Second half of 2019 will be busy for Largan as expected amount of orders are given as customers certified the new seven-piece lenses samples.

Full screen design smartphones now require a small camera upfront as this kind of lenses will more become demand even stronger and will favor and an advantage to Largan Corporation’s market share and selling price.

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