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Eye Problems Developed On High Brightness Smartphone Screen

A Taiwanese ophthalmologists from Fooyin University Hospital in Pingtung County, Taiwan have warned people that uses their smartphone on extended periods with high brightness. This is after his patient experience eye problems after using the smartphone.

The patient have developed red eyes and experienced symptoms of corneal abrasion. This is due to the use high brightness of her smartphone screen which she must when at work to stay in touch to her clients as a secretary.

The ophthalmologist have warned that the combination of blue light from the device and the ultraviolet coming from the sun may increase risk in developing eye problem like cataracts and retinopathy, pink eye and corneal abrasion.

Watching or using smartphone on a high brightness screen on a long period on a dark room will also result to severe inflammation of the cornea. The screen must be at least 30cm to 40cm away from the eye.

 The ophthalmologists have provided antibiotics, steroids eye drops and creams for recovery. Best prevention do not high brightness screen on a daylight or if in a dark area when using the smartphone.

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