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Louder Males Tends To Have Smaller Balls Per Biological Study

Male with bigger or larger vocal organs tends to have smaller balls, according to the study of Dr. Jacob Dunn a biological anthropologist from Cambridge University. Smaller balls means to have small testes and with fewer sperms as linking to his biological study.

It is conducted in his deep study on howler monkeys that those who have loud, screeching, screaming or yelling voice have small testes. Howler monkeys are those smaller than a dog but have an enormous loud voice.

Howler monkey are those kind of monkeys that have the loudest screech of voice (140 decibels), with the same roaring frequency of a tiger. They use the loud voice to attract female attention and to scare off male counterpart.

Dow side is, the louder the mo key, the smaller its balls. Monkeys are definitely not human beings, but the fact that 90% of the DNA are the same of primates which resembles as almost the same study reflects to human beings.

Science always tells that human beings evolve from monkeys which most probably will have the same result. Convinced?

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