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Picturesque Golden Sunset In Tamsui Off The Coasts Of Taiwan

Tamsui particularly Fisherman’s Wharf is well known for its majestic sunsets, tourists and other visitors flock in the area to see this sunset that one magazine from Japan categorize it as one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Ready your camera and set to time-lapse mode as you encounter a golden sunset.

Wooden Path in Fisherman's Wharf

Other than enjoying the sunset, restaurants are also abound the area and enjoy them with the breeze of air while wandering In the wooden path stretching for about 300meters. This is really a good place for couples and families.

Located in Fisherman’s Wharf is the Lover’s bridge which illuminates every night for a perfect romantic evening. Enjoy in Tamsui are the Tamsui Old Street and Night Market which gives you good foods before or after you trip in the district.

How to go to Tamsui?
From Taipei Main Station, ride MRT Red Line that goes directly to Tamsui station (be reminded that you must ride the MRT with Tamsui on its route and not the other MRT transfer station)

Tamsui Old Street / Night Market

How to go in Tamsui’s Fisherman’s Wharf?
1.      By Boat:
The wharf has a ferry boat that operates along Tamsui River, the boat ferry terminal is located between the wharf and Tamsui Old Street. Round trip tickets are available in affordable price, Taiwan’s easycard can also be used.

2.      By Bus:
From the Tamsui MRT station exit go to its right side for the bus terminal and ride Bus R26, 836 or 857 that goes directly to Fisherma’s Wharf (recommend to use easycard)

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