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Sister Companies PTI and Greatek Revenue Goes Down

Sister companies Powertech Technology Inc and Greatek Electronics Inc saw their revenues down based on the month to month revenue report that both company have released. Both companies specialize in IC assembly, testing and packaging services for several customers.
Screenshot from PTI revenue report

PTI have released its net revenue on a consolidated basis for the first month of the year with a decrease of 2.94% from December 2018 and also a decrease of 4.05% from the same month last year.

Screenshot from Greatek Revenue report

Based on YoY Change percentage, Greatek have a -17.73% drop compare to the same month of last year. This will be Greatek’s lowest revenue in the last 12 months.

Amid the slowdown of the Taiwan’s economy due to the tension made by US-China trade war and the pressure made by China to Taiwan itself. Still both companies are performing well even the revenue for first month of 2019 fell.

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