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Taiwan Leads The World In Wafer IC Production Capacity

Taiwan continued to lead in terms of production of IC wafer capacity with a 21.8 percent of the world. Not far behind is South Korea with 21.3 percent on a report from market research firm IC Insights.

The last time Taiwan lead the IC development and output is last 2015 and continued on 2018. The 21.8% share of wafer IC production has a total of 2.126 million wafers on the global market.

Top three wafer fabrication plants in the world are Taiwan’s Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC), followed by South Korea’s Samsung and SK Hynix. TSMC has 67% of wafer IC production of whole Taiwan while a combined 94% of Samsung and Hynix for whole of South Korea.

Japan has its own at third place with 16.8%, followed by North America’s 12.8% and the currently largest increase of percentage in wafer production capacity sitting at 10.8% is China.

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