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Two Bottles Of Beer Causes Brain Exhaustions

Troubled sleeping at night is called insomnia and that would have been the same effect to the human brain when drinking at least two bottles of beer. This is studied and discussed due to the increasing numbers of drunk driving in Taiwan.

Drinking 330ml of beer will send the legal limit of 0.25mg/L in a breathalyzer test at the same will exhaust the brain, according to the chief of Department of Psychiatry at Mackay memorial Hospital. Over the long term of drinking, the brain can be damaged within a period of six months.

"With two bottles of beer in the system, the brain will become as tired as if the drinker had stayed awake for a whole night," according to the chief. “Long term drinking can lead to cerebral atrophy and dementia” the chief added.

Excessive alcohol in the body take a hit on the liver that it cannot metabolized properly and due to that effect, alcohol will enter other body parts including the brain.

Taiwan now proposing stiffer fines and penalties to anyone caught drunk driving that includes permanent ban on driver’s license who caused death or severe injury.

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