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Selected 7-Eleven Stores In Taiwan To Stop Operating For 24Hours

A total of 400 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan will no longer operate for 24 hours as announced by the general manager of the operator of the 7-Eleven chain. The news broke that 7-Eleven is considering to ends its practice that open for 24hrs in Japan.

Following the same steps and the main reason is there are stores that are less profitable in the evening and without much success even opening for 24 hours. The company will further continue on which store have less profits that will add to the 400 branches.

President Chain Store Corp franchises a lot of 7-Eleven in Taiwan with a total of 5,300 branches and they will devote more efforts through innovations and will have development of combination stores.

"Take for example the two neighboring shops next to Kaohsiung's Love River. Now, only one is open for a full 24 hours. This can save on manpower and cut costs," according to 7-Eleven’s general manager.

Japan Employer To Hire Nurses and Careworkers Under POEA Hiring Program

Employer Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services (JICWELS) set to hire 50 Nurses (Kangoshi) and 300 Careworkers (Kaigofushishi) under Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). The job is open for both male and female 21years old and above and preferably with experience as this is a government to government hiring program which is a no placement fee hiring.

Qualifications are as follows:

For Nurses:
1. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing
2. With active PRC License
3. Minimum of three 3years hospitalwork experience
4. Committed to study as candidate for Kangoshi to obtain a National License in Japan.

For Carewrokers:
1. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (with or without PRC License)
2.  Graduate of any four 4 year course but should submit TESDA National Certificate II in Caregiving (NC II)

Qualified applicants should register online at or and bring the needed documents at Manpower Registry Division of POEA (fastened in a folder and properly labeled with RSF No. 19003, Applicant’s Name, Position Applied For, Country of Destination, and E-Registration Number). Applicants are required to present original documents for further checking, as needed documents include:

1. Detailed resume with one piece 2x2 recent picture
2. Clear photocopies of Transcript of Records and College Diploma Updated PRC ID Card
3. Updated Certificate of Employment
4. Valid TESDA NCII Certificate in Caregiving (if not BS Nursing Graduate)
5. Japanese Language Training Certificate (if available)
6. Valid Passport (expiry date should not be earlier than June 2020)
7. Valid NBI Clearance (multi-purpose)
8. PEOS Certificate
9. Worker’s Information Sheet/ E-Registration

Those who have Japanese Language Proficiency Training Certificate (JLPT N4) will be exempted in the JLPT in the Philippines.

If non JLPT handler, candidates are required to undergo a total of twelve (12) months intensive Japanese Language Training before working.

Applicants with record of previous entry or technical internship trainee in Japan are disqualified in the job offer. Deadline of submission of applications are April 24, 2019 on POEA regional offices and on April 30, 2019 on POEA Central Office in Ortigas.

6 Common Reasons Cited By Filipinos Why They Save Less

Filipinos are known as one of the lowest money savers in Southeast Asia, where Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas give it that there is only 1 out of 4 Filipinos have household savings. Filipinos have lots of reasons why one hardly saves, as the habit of happy-go-lucky attitude prevent a lot of Filipinos from saving. Having the discipline to give up a portion of ones salary is sometimes hard to do occasionally falls into debt.

Here are the 6 common reasons of every Filipinos why they save less and sometimes almost none:

1. Not enough money to save
The main reason of Filipinos not to save is by not having enough money, experts in saving tell that it is their main excuse because if you are willing to save, less amount will do. Building up your budget for a month is much better than just spending without any notice.

2. Believes in destiny
Believing in destiny also cited as a reason why save less and it is the most dangerous reason of all. Believing in destiny is not bad at all but including your financial status to it, it will bring unnecessary happenings.

3. Doesn’t know how to save
Saving doesn’t require any certificate, a habit of saving even just a portion of your salary monthly is enough to start saving. Having a commitment to save money will benefit you in the near future.

4. Long list of debt
Loans, monthly installment plans are cited as theor reason for not saving at all. The best thing is to have a list of everything you pay monthly but if emergency happens, your loans will be burden and will never help you.

5. Too late to save
There is no such thing as too late to save, anytime anyone can save for the betterment of one’s life. That is why it is very important to budget everything you pay that depends on your salary.

6. Always need to buy something
Filipinos are known as spenders rather than savers, buying items that they only want rather than what they need. From the latest gadget, trendy clothes doesn’t matter without savings as long as they have that “thing”.


Calla Lily Festival Returns To Zhuzihu At Yangmingshan National Park

The Calla Lily Festival in Taiwan returns to Zhuzihu at the Yangmingshan National Park with the main attraction of the beautiful landscaped of fresh calla lily with the additions of music concerts as announced by Taipei’s Department of Economic Development (DOED).

The festival will last from March 29, 2019 to April 28, 2019, the calla lily farms that will participate in the festival will take turns hosting the concerts to balance and to be neutral to the visitors.

Frog costumes are available in the festival to pick flowers on the farms which is entertaining enough. The area is relaxing specially in the afternoon, the calla lilies will bloom until the end of May.

How to go straight to Zhuzihu?
From MRT Beitou Station, take Bus route S9 or 129 that only travels to Zhuzihu area during Calla Lily Festival. From MRT Shipai Station, take Bus route S8 or 129 that also only travels to Zhuzihu area the Festival. Expect a heavy traffic during the festival on a weekend specially on holidays.

Manage Wounds Using A New Medical Smartphone Application

The smartphone application named AI_SWAS is a newly developed software app that has the smarts to inform user the different condition of a flesh wound. The application was developed by National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH).

By taking a proper photo of the wound, it can determine if the wound is red, swollen, infected or any other condition by using the photo taken. It has an accuracy of 90% according to NTUH which a joint project of National Taiwan University.

It take 3year to develop the application by studying different kinds of wounds and taking about 131 photos from 46 patients in the university hospitals, doctors advice are also available in the application.

With a doctor’s advice given in the application, an individual with less knowledge in medication can manage with situation of the wound anywhere with the application on their smartphone. 

The application will be released soon and it will be free for download to any Android devices, currently being developed for iOS 

Spreading Of Fake News About Disasters Could Impose Penalties In Taiwan

A preliminary review of an amendment regarding the spreading of fake news and fake information about disasters. The draft bill called Disaster Prevention and Protection Act passed its initial review.

A false information given to fire department or police will be subjected to a fine of NT$300,000 (Php510,000) up to NT$500,000 (Php850,000). A spread of false message or rumor that could harm to public is subjected to imprisonment for up tot 3 years or a fine of NT$1million (Php1.7million).

For a false information regarding disasters that lead to a death of someone is punishable by 7years of imprisonment up to lifetime, according to the newly passed reviewed draft bill.

The amendment was to prevent the efficiency of disaster response actions to be at risk and to protect also the safety of both firefighters and police officers. Several bills have been listed as top priorities to fight fake news and fake information.

Taipei Zoo To Close For 10 Straight Days In June

From June 19 to June 28, Taipei Zoo will close for a 10 days period as construction work, repair and heavy maintenance will go underway. It will be the first of the iconic zoo in the city to close for 10 days in the last 30 years.

Taipei Zoo is only closed for one day per year which is on Lunar New Year needs to have its construction done. One Monday at a time closure is not enough to have its repairs that cause more cost and inconvenience to the animals.

From 30,579 participants, only 521 disagree for the zoo closure and the rest welcome the restoration and high maintenance of the zoo that drive the officials of the zoo to continue the improvement of the place.

The 10 day closure plan is to increase the wellbeing of the animals in their habitat and will improve the quality visit or visitors of both local and tourists and also will shorten the period of needed works, reported by CNA.

Migrant Fishermen Of Taiwan Exposed To Abuse Of Work – Human Rights Report

Foreign migrant fishermen in Taiwan registered fishing vessels are very much vulnerable to labor abuse according to a released human rights report by the US State. The minimum monthly pay for a migrant foreign fisherman is less than the minimum wage of the country which is around NT$14,000 (Php23,000), the report noted.

Taiwan Fisheries Agency and Kaohsiung City Marine Bureau were criticized when foreign workers were found living in a very small illegal house in Kaohsiung and are made to pay NT$300 (Php500) per day.

Other NGO found out that during an investigation the fishermen were treated like slaves, being underpaid, overworked and subjected to beating and physical abuse. Sleeps only for 3 hours a day with no proper medical supplies and safety equipment on board.

"Mistreatment and poor working conditions for foreign fishermen remained common, the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. "Foreign fishermen recruited offshore were not entitled to the same labor rights, wages, insurance, and pensions as those recruited locally" added to the report.

5 Things You Should Know About Yehliu Geopark in New Taipei

One of the premiere tourist spot in Taiwan, Yehliu Geopark located in Wanli District, New Taipei which has different kinds of rock formation in northern part of Taiwan. Yehliu geopark is part of the Daliao Miaocene Formation that has been shaped through the years of ocean waves, earthquakes that force the Datun Mountains change its shape.

Here are the 5 things you should know about Yehliu Geopark:

1. Home of unique rock formations

Yehliu Geopark has a lot of unique rock formations, you can find the iconic “Queens Head” which is believe a hundred years old and soon be washed out due to natural phenomena. Other roch formations are mushrooms, slippers, ice cream, candle, beehive and many more. 

2. Located at northern coast scenic areas of Taiwan

The geological park is located at northern most part of Taiwan which you can see the ocean in its most natural form, just beware of the ocean waves and windy status of the park.

3. The geopark has a 1.7km coastline

The whole Yehliu Geopark stretches for a 1700 meters (1.7kilometres) in length therefore you must allocate of time when exploring the whole area, don’t forget to go up to the highest point to have a whole view of the park and the ocean.

4. The geopark was formed by geological movements

The park and its rock formations are built by natural disasters like ocean waves, earthquakes and others, its mocement cause the mountain to form different formations in the past thousand years.

5. It houses the Yehliu Ocean World

The Yehliu Ocean World is an oceanarium located outside the geological park with ocean exhibits including sea lion and dolphin performances.

How to go to Yehliu Geopark?
From Taipei West Bust Station (near Taipei main station), ride a KuoKuang Bus going to Wanli / Yehliu. Bus stops at the main road and walk going down to through the lane going to Yehliu Geopark. Bus ride is around 60mins. 

Pregnant Women Increased Risk Of Allergic Diseases To Newborn Babies Who Use Scented Personal Care Products

The risk of allergic diseases to newborn babies may increase when a pregnant women use scented personal care products like lipsticks, skin toners and essential oils, this is according to the study at Taiwan’s National Health Research Institute (NHRI).

The study NHRI named “Personal care product use and phthalate exposure levels among pregnant women” state that the usual personal care products are scented and may contain di-ethyl phthalate (DEP) and mono-ethyl phthalate (MEP) the pregnant mother’s exposure to phthalates has potential effects on the baby’s health.

The newborn babies’ umbilical cord had concentrations of phthalates which are also found in soon to be mother’s urine that will have effects on the babies’ health.

With the stated leave on products may cause allergy related diseases like upper respiratory tract infection, asthma and other diseases similar to lung problems, exposure to phthalates may cause distraction on endocrine function according to researchers.

The researchers have adviced to drink more water and do some mild exercise daily to flush out and discharge phthalates thru urine and sweat specially for expectant mothers.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Beitou Thermal Valley In New Taipei

Beitou Thermal Valley or the Geothermal valley is one of the tourist spots in Taiwan, it is located next to Xinbeitou Park in Beitou, New Taipei. The valley is considered and historically one of Taiwan’s 12 great sites where the rising steam of its spring water makes it quite a beautiful site.

Here are some 5 facts you need to know about Beitou Thermal Valley and why it is always visited by tourists:

1. The valley has jade like spring covered with mists

When you reach the thermal valley, you will find a beautiful spring body of water shines like jade with stream all over the place. Remember, no one is allowed to touch or reach the spring as it will bring hazard to any body contact.

2. The valley is also known as Hell Valley

Locals gave the name Hell Valley in the previous years due to several incidents have recorded tourists due to its high temperature that is why the government provide a fence to avoid anyone reaching the waters.

3. Temperature of spring water can reach 100 degrees Celsius

By being a hydrochloric acid spring, its temperature can reach a maximum of 100 degrees Celsius. Imagine the burns you can get for that kind of temperature. In the old days, locals use the spring to boil eggs in the valley.

4.  Surrounded by rocks called hokutolite

The valley is home of rare type of rock called Hokutolite or others know it as Anglesobarite which contains radioactive element of Radium that can only be found in (1) Beitou and (2) Akita, Japan.

5.  The valley is surrounded by hot springs

The whole valley of Betou is surrounded by natural hos springs that came from tha Datun Mountains around the area. For less that NT$100 you may enjoy a 90minutes of relaxing natural hot spring bath.

How to go to Beitou Thermal Valley?

From Taipei Main Station, Ride MRT Red Line going to Tamsui and drop off at Beitou Station then transfer at Xinbeitou MRT Line. Walk for 5-8minutes to reach Beitou Thermal Valley.

5 Reasons Why You Should Trek Up Elephant Mountain In Taipei

If there is one activity that is highly recommended is trekking up the Elephant Mountain in Taipei City, the trek up consists of stairs as Taipei government make the trek much easier for locals and tourists. The best time to go up is either on the morning where there are less crowd or in the afternoon to catch the magnificent sunset.

Here are the 5 reasons on why you should trek Elephant mountain when visiting Taipei:

1. Be amazed with a spectacular city view
Apart from going up of the Taipei 101, going up to the Elephant mountain gives you an amazing view of the city of Taipei. Late afternoon is the most suggested time to go up to have a glimpse of a good sunset and light opening up city wide.

2. Trekking up is not really difficult
Since the government already fixed and use a lot of stairs for the trek, many visitors and tourist flock to go up as it is very easy and comfortable. It just like going up on steep stair for about 15 to 20 minutes. There were also restrooms and rest areas along the way up.

3. It is not time consuming
You can trek up and down and have your pictures taken with the city and Taipei 101 for less than an hour. Or so, you may continue the trek to other paths or just rest and enjoy the view where most tourists do.

4. Exercise is good for your health
Most locals use the stair going up and down as their form of exercise, well, you enjoy trekking up with a great view and most of all you have endured the path of the trail. It is a good relaxation to your body.

5. It is absolutely free
The good news here, going up to Elephant Mountain is totally free. No tour guides, no tips, no admission fees. You can do it all day in anytime without hesitation.

How to go at Elephant Mountain?
From Taipei main station, ride MRT Red Line going to Xiangshan Station, 1 station away or a 15minute walk from Taipei 101. From Xiangshan station exit at Exit 2 and walk passed by Xiangshan Park, there are lots of directions around the area as you can’t miss them.

Scholarship Programs To Study In Taiwan Opens For Filipinos

Taiwan’s Ministry of Educations (MOE) have decided to open more slots on its scholarship programs for Filipinos in an act to the positive response from Filipinos that currently taking up studies in Taiwan.

The initiative is to improve studies of Mandarin Language and to experience Taiwan vibrant culture. After finishing a Mandarin Language Course, it may proceed to a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Representatives from Taiwan hopes more Filipinos will take this kind of opportunity as there are three programs offer by MOE. It offers a four year scholarship for undergraduate studies, a two year scholarship master’s program and a four year doctoral degree.

The scholars will receive a monthly allowance ranging from NT$15,000 to NT$25,000 (Php25,000 to Php43,000) as MOE will shoulder tuition fee and miscellaneous fees. The allowances vary from the type of scholarship program used.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) have start accepting applications for the scholarship program, for more extensive details, visit TECO’s website.

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