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5 Facts You Need To Know About Beitou Thermal Valley In New Taipei

Beitou Thermal Valley or the Geothermal valley is one of the tourist spots in Taiwan, it is located next to Xinbeitou Park in Beitou, New Taipei. The valley is considered and historically one of Taiwan’s 12 great sites where the rising steam of its spring water makes it quite a beautiful site.

Here are some 5 facts you need to know about Beitou Thermal Valley and why it is always visited by tourists:

1. The valley has jade like spring covered with mists

When you reach the thermal valley, you will find a beautiful spring body of water shines like jade with stream all over the place. Remember, no one is allowed to touch or reach the spring as it will bring hazard to any body contact.

2. The valley is also known as Hell Valley

Locals gave the name Hell Valley in the previous years due to several incidents have recorded tourists due to its high temperature that is why the government provide a fence to avoid anyone reaching the waters.

3. Temperature of spring water can reach 100 degrees Celsius

By being a hydrochloric acid spring, its temperature can reach a maximum of 100 degrees Celsius. Imagine the burns you can get for that kind of temperature. In the old days, locals use the spring to boil eggs in the valley.

4.  Surrounded by rocks called hokutolite

The valley is home of rare type of rock called Hokutolite or others know it as Anglesobarite which contains radioactive element of Radium that can only be found in (1) Beitou and (2) Akita, Japan.

5.  The valley is surrounded by hot springs

The whole valley of Betou is surrounded by natural hos springs that came from tha Datun Mountains around the area. For less that NT$100 you may enjoy a 90minutes of relaxing natural hot spring bath.

How to go to Beitou Thermal Valley?

From Taipei Main Station, Ride MRT Red Line going to Tamsui and drop off at Beitou Station then transfer at Xinbeitou MRT Line. Walk for 5-8minutes to reach Beitou Thermal Valley.

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