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5 Reasons Why You Should Trek Up Elephant Mountain In Taipei

If there is one activity that is highly recommended is trekking up the Elephant Mountain in Taipei City, the trek up consists of stairs as Taipei government make the trek much easier for locals and tourists. The best time to go up is either on the morning where there are less crowd or in the afternoon to catch the magnificent sunset.

Here are the 5 reasons on why you should trek Elephant mountain when visiting Taipei:

1. Be amazed with a spectacular city view
Apart from going up of the Taipei 101, going up to the Elephant mountain gives you an amazing view of the city of Taipei. Late afternoon is the most suggested time to go up to have a glimpse of a good sunset and light opening up city wide.

2. Trekking up is not really difficult
Since the government already fixed and use a lot of stairs for the trek, many visitors and tourist flock to go up as it is very easy and comfortable. It just like going up on steep stair for about 15 to 20 minutes. There were also restrooms and rest areas along the way up.

3. It is not time consuming
You can trek up and down and have your pictures taken with the city and Taipei 101 for less than an hour. Or so, you may continue the trek to other paths or just rest and enjoy the view where most tourists do.

4. Exercise is good for your health
Most locals use the stair going up and down as their form of exercise, well, you enjoy trekking up with a great view and most of all you have endured the path of the trail. It is a good relaxation to your body.

5. It is absolutely free
The good news here, going up to Elephant Mountain is totally free. No tour guides, no tips, no admission fees. You can do it all day in anytime without hesitation.

How to go at Elephant Mountain?
From Taipei main station, ride MRT Red Line going to Xiangshan Station, 1 station away or a 15minute walk from Taipei 101. From Xiangshan station exit at Exit 2 and walk passed by Xiangshan Park, there are lots of directions around the area as you can’t miss them.

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