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Calla Lily Festival Returns To Zhuzihu At Yangmingshan National Park

The Calla Lily Festival in Taiwan returns to Zhuzihu at the Yangmingshan National Park with the main attraction of the beautiful landscaped of fresh calla lily with the additions of music concerts as announced by Taipei’s Department of Economic Development (DOED).

The festival will last from March 29, 2019 to April 28, 2019, the calla lily farms that will participate in the festival will take turns hosting the concerts to balance and to be neutral to the visitors.

Frog costumes are available in the festival to pick flowers on the farms which is entertaining enough. The area is relaxing specially in the afternoon, the calla lilies will bloom until the end of May.

How to go straight to Zhuzihu?
From MRT Beitou Station, take Bus route S9 or 129 that only travels to Zhuzihu area during Calla Lily Festival. From MRT Shipai Station, take Bus route S8 or 129 that also only travels to Zhuzihu area the Festival. Expect a heavy traffic during the festival on a weekend specially on holidays.

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