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Migrant Fishermen Of Taiwan Exposed To Abuse Of Work – Human Rights Report

Foreign migrant fishermen in Taiwan registered fishing vessels are very much vulnerable to labor abuse according to a released human rights report by the US State. The minimum monthly pay for a migrant foreign fisherman is less than the minimum wage of the country which is around NT$14,000 (Php23,000), the report noted.

Taiwan Fisheries Agency and Kaohsiung City Marine Bureau were criticized when foreign workers were found living in a very small illegal house in Kaohsiung and are made to pay NT$300 (Php500) per day.

Other NGO found out that during an investigation the fishermen were treated like slaves, being underpaid, overworked and subjected to beating and physical abuse. Sleeps only for 3 hours a day with no proper medical supplies and safety equipment on board.

"Mistreatment and poor working conditions for foreign fishermen remained common, the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. "Foreign fishermen recruited offshore were not entitled to the same labor rights, wages, insurance, and pensions as those recruited locally" added to the report.

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