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Pregnant Women Increased Risk Of Allergic Diseases To Newborn Babies Who Use Scented Personal Care Products

The risk of allergic diseases to newborn babies may increase when a pregnant women use scented personal care products like lipsticks, skin toners and essential oils, this is according to the study at Taiwan’s National Health Research Institute (NHRI).

The study NHRI named “Personal care product use and phthalate exposure levels among pregnant women” state that the usual personal care products are scented and may contain di-ethyl phthalate (DEP) and mono-ethyl phthalate (MEP) the pregnant mother’s exposure to phthalates has potential effects on the baby’s health.

The newborn babies’ umbilical cord had concentrations of phthalates which are also found in soon to be mother’s urine that will have effects on the babies’ health.

With the stated leave on products may cause allergy related diseases like upper respiratory tract infection, asthma and other diseases similar to lung problems, exposure to phthalates may cause distraction on endocrine function according to researchers.

The researchers have adviced to drink more water and do some mild exercise daily to flush out and discharge phthalates thru urine and sweat specially for expectant mothers.

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