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Selected 7-Eleven Stores In Taiwan To Stop Operating For 24Hours

A total of 400 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan will no longer operate for 24 hours as announced by the general manager of the operator of the 7-Eleven chain. The news broke that 7-Eleven is considering to ends its practice that open for 24hrs in Japan.

Following the same steps and the main reason is there are stores that are less profitable in the evening and without much success even opening for 24 hours. The company will further continue on which store have less profits that will add to the 400 branches.

President Chain Store Corp franchises a lot of 7-Eleven in Taiwan with a total of 5,300 branches and they will devote more efforts through innovations and will have development of combination stores.

"Take for example the two neighboring shops next to Kaohsiung's Love River. Now, only one is open for a full 24 hours. This can save on manpower and cut costs," according to 7-Eleven’s general manager.

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