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7 Districts In Taichung Contains High Levels Of Cancerous Air Pollution

In a released report, 7 districts in Taichung City have found that it contains very unacceptable level of PM2.5 and first level airborne carcinogens in a study of air pollution. Taichung as a whole did not exceed the standard limits but the 7 districts have high level of carcinogens according to the study.

Inhaling a high level of carcinogens put residents at high health risk that may lead to cancer. The following 7 districts with high level of carcinogens in Taichung are:

1. Houli District
2. Longjing District
3. Situn District
4. Wuci District
5. Cingshuei District
6. Dadu District
7. Daya District

The study focuses on exposure to air pollution near Taichung Power Plant, Dragon Steel Co Ltd and Central Taiwan Science Park that cause residents within the districts to panic.

The eight first level carcinogens include arsenic, cadmium, nickel and dioxin and anyone who inhale those substance may face high health risk specially on pregnant women, children, elderly and sensitive in health. According to officials, to eradicate the problem is to remove the source as the city government are started to deal with it.

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