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70 Percent Of Claw Machines In Taiwan Have Illegal Items And Breaks Several Laws

There are at least 70% of claw machine arcades in Taiwan that have items that are illegal and have violated several laws and regulation of the country according to the released investigation by Consumer Protection Committee and the Consumers’ Foundation of Taiwan.

Arcade claw machines violated mostly that these machines are within 100 meters within schools. In the investigation within major cities in Taiwan, 20% are within 100 of school and 70% have illegal items like electric cigarette, electric lighters, lingerie, sex toys, adult anime and other adult products.

Claw machines in Taiwan are very abundant and you can see them in almost every corner. The investigation show in 143 crane game arcades that 30% in major Taiwan cities violated the 100meter rule, while there were no found violators in Kaohsiung.

Adult products are not allowed to go in the crane game as they are not suitable for children or teenagers and is a violation to owners pointed by the organization. In 20 claw machine venues, 14 were found with violation making it a ratio of 70% fail rate.

Listed violations of 70% of crane game are the ff:
1. Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act
2. Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act
3. Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation
4. Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease
5. Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
6. Gambling-related crimes under the Criminal Code

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