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McDonalds In Taiwan Now Accept Electronic Payment Cards

Known successful and one of the largest fast food chain worldwide, McDonalds in Taiwan now accepts four main electronic payments cards. Electronic payment cards include Easycard, iPass, iCash and HappyCash.

The main electronics payment cards can be used in most of restaurants of McDonalds in all of Taiwan. It will also fully enable use of credit card micro payment like Visa, MasterCard and JCB and mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Easycard and iPass are the most popular mode of payment that is used in Taiwan for both local and international visitors (includes migrants), there are at least 2 Easycards own by a single person in Taiwan according to the country’s Financial Supervisory Commision.

McDonalds already seen positive revenues in non-cash payments with more than 10% in its outlets. If the balance is insufficient on the electronic cards, as long as the automatic reload function is enable, the card can be automatically reload to make up for the difference with a maximum purchase of NT$1000.

(image from CNA)

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