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People That Works On Shifts Are Inclined To Chronic Insomnia

According to Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine (TSSM), people who work mostly on shifts rather than the regular working hours tends to have trouble in sleeping and double the presence of chronic insomnia.

The survey made by TSSM to 300 shift workers and 300 regular day workers, the percentage of having insomnia is higher for shift workers than the regular workers. The survey is published during its annual meeting.

Chronic insomnia is defined as having sleeping disorders that includes trouble falling asleep in the most appropriate time, waking up in between sleeps and waking up too early in a span of three times a week for three consecutive months.

Sleeping disorder can cause high risk in health related issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, mental illness and a weakened immune system. These are the worst disorder for any shift workers specially in Taiwan where most workers are in  shifting schedules.

When the psychological clock turned upside down, the organs and immune system can get out if snyc according to a professor in National Chengchi University in the meeting with TSSM. Best way to battle insomnia is to sleep under optimum conditions such sleeping in a quiet place, the professor added.

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