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Spot The Sparkling Blue Light Called “Blue Tears” In Kinmen During Spring

The mysterious sparkling blue light dubbed by the local residents as “Blue Tears” can be spotted in Kinmen County in spring it has become a tourist destination and attraction. It is a one of kind natural phenomenon and it is noticed long time ago when Kinmen opened their coastline to tourists.

The area have become popular due to this sighting according to Kinmen County Fisheries Research Institute and is called “Blue Tears” when clusters of marine algae disturbed by waves and glow a bioluminescent blue.

This sighting can only be seen in warn water sea in spring between the months of April and May. Kinmen’s topography makes easier to any visitors to get up close to the Blue Tears.

The best spots to observe the natural phenomenon is in Cihu Shangyi Chenggong Beach, Houhu Seashire Park, Guang’ao Embankment in Jinsha Township and Liaolo Sounth Stone Park in Jinju Township.

Kinmen plans to introduce via ecological tour to visitors to promote the natural phenomenon and to educate the public about environmental protection.

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