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Taiwan To Become Super-Aged Society By 2065

In year 2065, 20% of the population in Taiwan will have an average age 65 years old and above due its low fertility rate in the current year. Taiwan’s population will be a super-aged society according to National Development Council of the country.

Last year, Taiwan already entered the super-aged society era with 10% of its population are now above 65 years old. The birth rate of Taiwan is below the rate needed to sustain the country’s population growth.

Taiwan currently has 23.76 million population that ranked 56th in the world and according to the report, depending in any scenario there will be no population growth in Taiwan in either around next year or the following year up or in 2027. The population growth will decline once it reached the 24million mark.

Having a super-aged society, workforce will start to lessen that the country need to improve its working environment and manpower by hiring migrant workers where mostly came from Southeast Asia.

By having 40% of population aging 65years old above in 2065, it means there is 1 elderly in every 1.2 person of childbearing age. Singapore, Japan and South Korea also faces the same situation.

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