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10 Easy Ways To Lose That Belly Fat Without Hitting The Gym

A lot of people have problems on their belly fats which can give less confidence to one person and more seriously bad health conditions. A good and healthy balanced diet can reduce but still need more ways to lessen the belly fat.

Here are the 10 best effective ways to lose that belly fat without going to the gym:

1. Reduce refined carbohydrates
Refined carbohydrates bring in belly fats, reduce high carbohydrates foods with grains and unprocessed carbs like whole grains and vegetables. Less carbs can accelerate metabolism that can burn belly fats.

2. Take probiotics foods
Probiotics are good essentials which are bacteria found in certain food, supplements or drinks. Probiotic foods boost health and immune system and these food regulate one’s body weight that helps burn fats.

3. Plenty of sleep
When you are sleep properly, you eat less food because when you fight sleep you need food to stay awake. Proper sleep is vital in human health, sleeping for 7-8 hours daily should get your body the high quality rest.

4. Avoid sugar foods and drinks
Excess intake of sugary foods and drinks leads to obesity, fatty liver and diabetes. Replace you sugary drinks with water, lots of water. These sugary foods increases you belly fat, do not reduce better to avoid.

5. Taking of green tea and coconut oil
The presence of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea is very beneficial and coconut oil accelerates metabolism that helps reduce the stored fats, therefore both green tea and coconut oils helps you reduce belly fats.

6. Reduce stress
An adrenal gland of a person releases a stress hormone called cortisol and when these hormone increases, it can boost the fat storage in abdomen that will lead to belly fats. Stay away from stress, play sports, do yoga, meditate or hang out.

7.  Munch on a high protein diet
Protein helps to expedite the metabolism of a person while retaining muscle mass, protein rich food includes meat, eggs, fish to name a few. The increase intake of protein triggers the release of fullness hormones.

8. Alternating fasting
One of the most popular technique in weight loss is fasting, but make it alternate by fasting once or twice per week or fasting for 16 hours and eating within 8 hours for once or twice a week.

9. Reduce alcohol and take ACV
Drinking too much alcohol may lead to belly fats and excess storage of fats around the waist, instead take apple cider vinegar (ACV) which is packed in nutrients and helps to lose weight.

10. Perform cardio exercises
Perform cadio exercises at home, perform while watching television, listening to music as it burn more calories and decreases belly fat. Always take note of the frequency and duration of your cardio exercises.

Proper eating habit will give you good health and will lessen that belly fat, self-discipline is the key to success. The process of losing the belly fat will take a long shot which can be a month or even a year, focus and push yourself to healthy lifestyle achieve that goal.

Expansion Of Clark Airport To Finish By Mid-2020, Adds Second Runway

The construction expansion of Clark International Airport will be finished by mid-2020 according to the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and it can accommodate trioled of its current passengers annually for donestic and international flights making at par with the biggest airports.

The expansion of Clark Airport will lessen the congestion of the main Philippine airport Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) according to DOTr secretary Arthur Tugade. The airport will be expanded with additional 100,000 square meters.
Screenshot Image of the Expansion
Clark is only an hour or two drive from the Philippine capital Manila and will theoretically address the congestion as Clark is connected to national expressways NLEX and the upcoming North-South Commuter Railway System.

Terminal 2 when finished
DOTr also mention the ongoing construction of the second runway of the airport which main purpose to accommodate more flight and avoid flight delays. The 2nd runway is 2km away from the 1st runway and are simultaneous runways, that means two aircraft can land at the same time at any end on both runways.
Terminal 2 Roofline
The expansion of the Clark International Airport is the fastest infrastructure that have been implemented under the Build Build Build program of the Duterte Administration according to Finance secretary Carlos Dominguez III.
Image from Budji+Royal
Clark International Airport Terminal 2 will also introduce the modern filipino design by Budji+Royal architectural firm. The roofline of the airport has the outline of the surrounding mountains of Pampanga and will use longspan metal and a glue-laminated design. Being one of the Kapampangans famous cultural symbols, the star lantern, will patterned within the roofline.


Tatay Marjon pinagpalit ng kanyang asawang OFW sa Taiwan para sa isang gwapo

Ibinahagi ni Tatay Marjon ang kanyang malungkot na storya bilang isang contestant sa isang segment ng Wowowin (noong kasalukuyan ay Father’s Day). Tubong Bicol at nagtatrabaho bilang construction worker at sideline na pagtitinda ng meryenda sa tapat ng kanilang tahanan.

Ayon sa kanyang salaysay, isa siyang single dad sa apat na magkakapatid. Ipininagpalit siya ng kanyang asawa na nagtatrabaho sa Taiwan para sa isang gwapong lalake.
Tatay Marjon habang nagkukwento
Screenshot mula sa Wowowin sa Youtube
Noong tinanong siya kung nasaan ang asawa niya, ang sagot niya "Ayun, nakakita ng mas gwapo". "Noong una po kasi, nanlalabo na siya, dati kasi active siya magonline (komunikasyon), hanggang sa wala na, hindi na katulad dati"

“Tapos inamin na niya na may karelasyon na siya, sinama pa sa bahay, pero nagpaalam baka pwedeng isama dahil hihiramin daw yung bunso namin, pumayag po ako, para sa mga bata…” dagdag ni Tatay Marjon.
Naging emosyonal si Tatay Marjon
Screenshot mula sa Wowowin sa Youtube
Isang magiting na ama pa rin si tatay dahil tinangap niya kahit masakit ang kanyang naging karanasan at maging matatag para sa apat na anak.

"Masakit kasi nakakapanghinayang, almost 16yrs po kasi kaming nagsama, ng dahil sa pangarap namin". “Masaksit kasi nakakpanghinayan, sobrang nanghihinayang kahit hanggang ngayon”.

Ang mensahe ng kanyang panganay na anak na si Joana, "Pa, mahal na mahal kita kahit na makulit kami, kahit na ikaw na yung naging nanay namin, mahal na mahal kita, magtatapos ako ng pagaaral para syo.”
Panganay na anak ni Tatay Marjon
Screenshot mula sa Wowowin sa Youtube
“Alam mo huwag kang mawalan ng pagasa, ganun tlaga, pag mahina ka yung apat na anak mo hihina din, pakita mo sakanila kaya mo yan, ganun talaga ang buhay..” mensahe ni kuya Wil kay tatay Marjon.
Nagbibigay ng mensahe si Kuya Wil kay Tatay Marjon
Screenshot mula sa Wowowin sa Youtube
Bilang isang ama, gagawin ang lahat ni tatay Marjon para mapagtapos ng pagaaral ang apat na anak at nangakong hinding hindi bibitaw kahit mahirap maging isang nanay-tatay.

Nagpahiwatig ng matinding suporta ang mga netizen para kay tatay Marjon:

"Just want to give you a hug tatay, keep on moving, God is preparing you for your greatest blessings, Godbless"

""Salute to you kuya, napaka strong mo, fight fight lang kaya mo yan, God bless to you and to your family"

"Salute proud po ako sainyo"


Research Science: Eating Chocolate And Drinking Red Wine Helps Prevents Aging

Chocolate specially dark chocolate and red wine have numerous benefits when taken, the presence of natural chemical “resveratrol” give a lot of positive effect in out body. Researcher found out that taking foods rich in resveratrol will help prevent aging.

Resveratrol is a polyphonic bioflavonoid antioxidant that is produced by certain plants which mostly can be found in dark chocolates and red wines. It is classified as phytoestrogen because it can interact with a human estrogen receptors in a very positive way.

According to a published research in BMC Cell Biology, resveratrol can use to rejuvenate and regenerate old cells. Researcher were led by Lorna Harries, a professor of molecular genetics and Dr. Eva Latorre, a research associate as they both works at the University of Exeter.

Researchers found out that by adding “reveralogues” or any natural chemical that associates with resveratrol will make someone appear much younger and most importantly the old cell starting divinding anew.

“It was like magic. I repeated the experiments several times and in each case, the cells rejuvenated.” according to Dr. Latorre.

“..the cells regain some features of youth. They are able to grow, and their telomeres, the caps on the ends of the chromosomes that shorten as we age are now longer, as they are in young cells.” According to Professor Harries.

Studies point out that the best known source of resveratrol are red wine, raw cocoa, skin of red grapes and dark berries like blueberries, mulberries, lingonberries and bilberries.


Philippine New Telco MISLATEL Ready For Rollout, Set To Break Telecom Duopoly

Mislatel Consortium will start to rollout as the third major telecommunication provider for the Philippines and will be the company to break the duopoly business of telecom Philippine telecom giants Philippine Long Distance Telecom (PLDT) and Globe.

Mislatel have completed the Share-Purchas Agreement (SPA) and ready for operation as the third major player of telecom in the Philippines. The company just needed the Certificate of Public and Convinience Necessity (CPCN) to operate commercially.

The Mislatel Consortium is composed of Davao businessman Dennis Uy’s Udenna Corporation, Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Corporation, foreign partner China Telecommunications Corporation and franchise holder Mindanao Islamic Telephone Corporation.

The group of companies has a total investment of P257billion over the next five years and will cover the 84% of Philippine population. Mislatel is dedicated to have an minimum average internet speed of 27 mbps in their first year of operation and will go up to 55 mbps in the following years.

Mislatel group already placing the groundwork and the infrastructures to start the rollout of the network. The new telco have the goal to give Filipinos more faster and reliable internet connection nationwide.

Filipinos are looking forward for Mislatel to have a good quality service. The breaking of the duopoly of PLDT and Globe will bring more budget wise and good competition for the three telecom companies.

Being Single Considered As Person With Disability: World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) have announced that being single in your life is a form of disability. WHO sets to classify all men and women who want to have children but unable to find a suitable partner is considered as disabled.

The announcement of the organizations shocked millions of single person worldwide. Though WHO stand stable in their announcement because according to them, every person who lives in this world have the right to reproduce, if not, you are a disabled person.

The ruling of infertility will be changed and ceased to be considered as a simply a medical condition. Added to that, the incapability to find the appropriate partner or anyone that lacks in sxual relationship is equally considered to be disabled.

The aim of the new standard is to give every individual the right to produce and the new ruling will benefited the heterosxual single men and women which include gay men and lesbian women that wish to have offspring that would get same priority like other couples due to medical fertility problems.

The announcement of WHO attracted lots of critics and was told WHO that they must focus on medical concerns rather that personal choices. Other people choose to be single because they have a unstable partner. Though it is not for worldwide imposition, the new guideline could change some specific law.


Does Google Starts To Disable Services On Huawei Devices Randomly?

On a facebook post shared by an OFW (Mark Geoffrey Mercado) in Singapore, he noticed that the Google Play Store in his Huawei P20 Pro went missing. The disappearance of the play store makes other google application unable to use.

He just noticed his Google Play Store suddenly disappears from his home display in his Huawei device.

He posted:

Eventually, the disappearnce of the Google Play Store will stop any user from using other Google related applications.

He continued with a post:

This is the result of Google ending their business relation with Huawei as directed by US President Donald Trump to bring the China-based giant to the US 'entity list' which restrict any transactions without the approval of US goverment. Huawei Technology are already going to their plan of homemade OS to replace Android system on their devices.

Highest Floor Observatory Of The Iconic Taipei 101 Opens To The Public

The management of Taipei 101 have announced that the top most floor of the tower will be open to the visitors and tourists. This is the first time that the upper floor will be open to everyone over its 15year standing high in heart of Taipei, Taiwan.

Recently, visitors can only go up to Taipei 101 in the 89th floor and used stairs to reach the outside observatory in the 91st floor. Since then, the upper floor of 92nd floor to 101st floor is restricted area and only personalities like former US president Bill Clinton and Hollywood star Will Smith reached the top.

The opening of the most upper floors to visitors would have different experience according to Taipei 101 chief operating officer. The top observation deck has only a small space and can only accommodate 12 guests at a time, the management said that there are only three groups with 12 persons are allowed per day at 40mins each. (Check below photos from Taipei 101)

Since there will be lots of tourists and locals that are certainly interested to go there, reservations are up. Can buy ticket at Taipei 101 counter or online via KKDay, ticket costs at NT$3000 (Php4,950) per person which include express line and ride in the fast elevator, souvenir photo, cloud coffee and Taipei 101 exclusive bottled water.

(Screenshot from KKday site, discounted at 10% off)

Taipei 101 management estimates that the opening of the top floors to the public can increase tourists and even local to visit the iconic tower. Taiwan have increased its tourist visitors from South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian regions.

Visitor can go to the outdoor viewing platform and must wear safety equipment (belt buckled to the railings) and under professional guidance. Visitors can enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view of the city of Taipei.

Taipei 101 has a total height of 508meters, it has 101 floors above the ground and 5 floors below.


Philippine BPO Sectors At High Risk Of Losing Jobs Due to Automation

Around 80% of the Philippine business process outsourcing (BPO) industry sectors or an estimated 800,000 employees are at high risk of losing jobs due to automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in the next three to five years.

This is according to Christopher Moterola, it is the artificial intelligence have negative impact on jobs in the Philippines which includes the BPO industry, reported by Inquirer. Monterola is a professor of Asian Institute of Management and A-Site-Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

There are about a million employees in the BPO industry which are mostly receiving good salary and those employees must learn new skill or upgrade skill, according to the professor.

United Nations Conference in Trade and Development (UNCTAD) also highlight the increased digitalization through automation that will result to some occupation to totally disappear. The digitalization will create four changes – job creation, job destruction, job changes and job shifts.

Telemarketers will be automated, hand sewers will be robotics, security guards will be replaced by sensors and surveillance. Though new jobs and services will arise like 3D printing, software development, application development and robotics (AI).

Philippines is considered as one of the world’s largest computer-services exporters in the world. Apart from the BPO industry, sectors that will be affected by automation are agriculture workers, construction workers and sales workers.


Study: LED Lights Permanently Damages The Eyes

On a report released by French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, its states that Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights can cause permanent damage to our eyes. The LED lights can lead to macular degeneration and perhaps blindness.

Macular degeneration can lead to severe vision loss in people over the age of 60. It happens when small central portion of the retina known as macula, deteriorates. The retina is the light sensing tissue of the human eye.

LED lighting is 90 percent more efficient that incandescent light as LED light emit blue light. These blue lights cause photoreceptor damage that leads to vision loss and causes photo toxicity which is a condition that damage the eye and skin cell begin to be more sensitive to light.

LED lights are everywhere, they can be bulbs in our home, streets and offices, in the headlights of a car and toys, most smartphone screens and PC monitors and different electronic devices have LED on it.

Elderly and children are more susceptible to eye damage than any individual groups which can cause greater damage and sleep deprivation.

Some prevention include choose warmer LED lights are much better than the bluish shade, limit the exposure of the eye from LED screens before bedtime and reduce the exposure of LED light by adjusting lighting conditions and your screens and eat foods that rich in lutein.


US-Based Johnsonville To Open Manufacturing Operations in Caloocan, Cavite and Pampanga

United Stated based company Johnsonville LCC is looking forward to establish its manufacturing operations in the Philippines with joint venture with Frabelle Fishing Corp (FCC) as reported by PNA. The company specializes in meats and sausage and popularly known worldwide.

The chief executive officer Nick Meriggioli are looking to set up the manufacturing operations sites and facilities of Frabelle Fishing sites in Caloocan, Cavite and Pampanga. The added manufacturing production could lead to addition of local jobs within the area.

The joint venture of Johnsonville and Frabelle Corporation has been approved by the Philippine Competition Commission. This will make the Johnsonville products to be more visible and affordable for the locals, according to the chief executive.

The sites will focus more on production, distribution and sales of frozen meats in the Philippines while the Johnsonville branded sausages will go through Frabelle’s sales marketing network. Johnsonville also looking to expand within Southeast Asia.

Johnsonville is a company based in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin in United States is one of the largest meat and sausage producers and is the largest sausage brand in terms of revenue. The products of Johnsonville are served in more than 40 countries worldwide.

A Vacation That Is Out Of This World, NASA Opens Travel To Space For Civilians

A step forward to dream going to space will soon become a reality, you do not have to be a astronaut to visit space. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will let civilians via tour and travel space program and board the International Space Station (ISS).

The travel to the space station will be handled by private companies namely Boeing and SpaceX. Travelling to space will be one of the coolest thing that a person can experience. Astronauts have been posting images of the earth from the ISS and will experience and see the same thing if you are there.

However, there’s a catch, this exciting adventure costs a lot money with a minimum estimate of US$35,000 (Php1.8million) per night stay in the ISS and once there you are able to stay up to 30 Earth-equivalent nights which includes food, communications and storage. US$35,000 multiplied by 30 nights, you the math.

The flight ride operated by Boeing and SpaceX costs US$58million (Php3 billion) per ride. If you are rich enough, this experience is once in a lifetime opportunity that is now a reality.

The trips to space are only limited on 2 trips per year as the space tourism will help NASA to fund new explorations in the coming years with their top plan to return to the moon by 2024.

Having A Good Wife Is The Secret Of Having A Long Life For This Man

Esmond Allock is 108years old and is one of the oldest men to live in Canada, he is from Kerrobert, Saskatchewan in central Canada. Mr. Allock passed away last year of March 22nd.

When he celebrated his 108th birthday with the employees of the Kerrobert Health Center, he share stories of his life and his secret that he reached more than 100 years of existence because he is able to choose a “good wife”.

Mr. Esmond Allock
“I didn’t behave myself for a few years there, but then I got a really good wife,” according to Allock.
Mr and Mrs Allock (from Google search)
Allock and his luck charm Helen were married for 72 years before her late wife passed away in 2011, Allock lived alone before moving to the Kerrobert Health Center. He has been a resident of Kerrobert for 100years.

Allock has 67 relative that includes 38 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren. “He really is a gift. That’s about all we can call that.” quoted from Dale Allock his 78 year old son for his father’s milestone.


Public High School Students To Receive Php500 Monthly Allowance In Paranaque City

With the start of public school year (2019-2020), the junior and senior high school students in Paranaque City will receive an allowance worth Php500 per month. Paranaque city mayor Edwin Olivarez announces this that they have allocated Php300million for the allowances of selected 48,000 deserving students.

Qualified students from Grade 7 to Grade 12 will be listed by the Department of Education (DepEd) and the allowances will be received thru ATM cards from semi-government banks. These ATM cards will be distributed personally by the mayor to the school campuses.

City Ordinance No. 18-33 states that General Information for the Financial Subsidy to Grade 7 to Grade 12 students studying in Public Schools within the territorial jurisdiction of the City of Paranque.
Qualifications and Conditions:
1. Students must be a resident of City of Paranaque where at least one guardian is a registered voter

2. Parents or guardian must possess valid government issued ID or voter’s ID

3. The student must attend at least 80% of the total required school days per month

4. The student shall maintain good moral character in the school premises all the time and maintain a passing grade in conduct

How to apply?

1. The student must be enrolled in any public high school within the territorial jurisdictions of the City of Paranaque

2. The DepEd will submit list of qualifications of the City Government of Paranaque

Provided that they must attend classes with at least 80% per month, school teachers will monitor the attendance. The main objective of the allowance project to encourage students to attend more of the school time and will help the students enhance their salary management.

Boeing Unveiled Design For A Hypersonic Ultra Fast Passenger Plane

How about travelling on a plane on your usual 4 hour airplane ride and cut it off to just 1hr? Boeing unveiled a rendering design of its hypersonic passenger plane in a aerospace conference in the US.

Although it is just a design, the hypersonic plane can be a potential in the next decade. Boeing CEO is pushing different aerospace minded designers to explore the ultra-fast passenger planes.

In theory, the hypersonic passenger plane can fly with a speed of a Mach 5 or under 3,900 miles per hour. With that speed a 11hour flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo will be just 3 hours away, a Manila to Taipei flight will be just 30 minutes, that’s how fast it is.
Hypersonic Model (Google seaech)
Boeing CEO see these hypersonic plane will become reality in a decade or two, everything will take years in experimentation, material management, design and others. The future of innovation for fast passenger plane will be in our reach.

Though probably with the materials that will be using and different designs, a passenger plane for that would be cost competitive.


Experts: Emotional Crying Will Help You Lose Weight

On a recent study by experts, emotional crying will certainly help you lose weight and is associated with the hormones that amplify the cortisol level of a human.

Cortisol level are hormones involved in stress and its is natural protective response to perceive threat or any danger, an increase in level of cortisol will result in energy and strength.

According to the study of Dr. Aaron Neufeld of the Los Altos Optometric group, there are three types of tears namely (1) Basal tears, (2) Reflex tears and (3) Psychic tears.

The basal tears are considered the basic functional tear as these tears keeps our eyes moist. The reflex tears also known as imitational tears which cause by environment like smoke, wind and breeze. The Psychic tears is the tears that is mostly related with owns feelings and self-emotions.

Psychic tears triggers the cortisol level and will help you lose weight. Crying may also help us release our inner self feelings in any heartache in our life.

On a separate study, biochemist William Frey found out that the stress induced tears helps to eradicate different kinds of toxins in our body and this substances can be removed during emotional crying.

President Duterte Assures Philippines Will Enter Top 25 In The Biggest Economy In The World

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte assures that the country can enter the top 25 biggest economy in the world according to reports. If Philippines can enter the biggest economy, Filipinos may encounter much more comfortable living and secured lives.

His statement was delivered in front of different leaders from different countries in a round table session at the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation which was held in Beijing, China.

“The Philippines, along with the rest of Asia, is on the path of economic resurgence. By 2020, the combined economies of Asian countries will be larger than that of the rest of the world. The Philippines in particular is set to join the ranks of upper middle-income countries as it is projected to become the 25th largest economy in the world in PPP terms,” President Duterte said.

“My government will do all that is necessary to realize this vision. We will build strong partnerships with like-minded states, multilateral institutions, and other stakeholders that share our vision,” added by  President Duterte as reported in news.

According to the president, Asia as being a economic powerhouse will make sure that the Philippines will be much more developed country.

Philippine Bill That Increase Excise Tax Of Tobacco Products, Approved!

The Philippine Senate approved the final reading that will increase the excise taxes on tobacco products with the proposal to lessen and reduce the smoking habits of Filipinos. The additional tax will fund the government’s Universal Health Care program.

According to the department of health secretary, the approval of the bill would save lives of some 200,000 Filipinos from smoking. The approved bill will decrease the smoking by at least 20% by 2023 and will help the Php40billion fund gap for the program.

The senate votes 20-0, with no negative votes the Senate Bill No. 2233 will increase the excise tax of cigarette pack from Php45 to Php60 in a span of 4years. Then a five percent hike will be implemented after the first 4years.

President Duterte ruled that this bill is urgent as he said “the urgent need to further protect the right to health of the people”.

The following of increase in tobacco products are as follows: Php45 per pack increase effective January 1, 2020, Php50 effective in January 2021, Php55 on January 2022 and Php60 on January 2023.

DOH will also work on other “sin” products like alcohol and e-cigarettes as the reiterated that this should be treated properly as they are just the same as the other tobacco products.

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