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Being Single Considered As Person With Disability: World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) have announced that being single in your life is a form of disability. WHO sets to classify all men and women who want to have children but unable to find a suitable partner is considered as disabled.

The announcement of the organizations shocked millions of single person worldwide. Though WHO stand stable in their announcement because according to them, every person who lives in this world have the right to reproduce, if not, you are a disabled person.

The ruling of infertility will be changed and ceased to be considered as a simply a medical condition. Added to that, the incapability to find the appropriate partner or anyone that lacks in sxual relationship is equally considered to be disabled.

The aim of the new standard is to give every individual the right to produce and the new ruling will benefited the heterosxual single men and women which include gay men and lesbian women that wish to have offspring that would get same priority like other couples due to medical fertility problems.

The announcement of WHO attracted lots of critics and was told WHO that they must focus on medical concerns rather that personal choices. Other people choose to be single because they have a unstable partner. Though it is not for worldwide imposition, the new guideline could change some specific law.


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