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Boeing Unveiled Design For A Hypersonic Ultra Fast Passenger Plane

How about travelling on a plane on your usual 4 hour airplane ride and cut it off to just 1hr? Boeing unveiled a rendering design of its hypersonic passenger plane in a aerospace conference in the US.

Although it is just a design, the hypersonic plane can be a potential in the next decade. Boeing CEO is pushing different aerospace minded designers to explore the ultra-fast passenger planes.

In theory, the hypersonic passenger plane can fly with a speed of a Mach 5 or under 3,900 miles per hour. With that speed a 11hour flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo will be just 3 hours away, a Manila to Taipei flight will be just 30 minutes, that’s how fast it is.
Hypersonic Model (Google seaech)
Boeing CEO see these hypersonic plane will become reality in a decade or two, everything will take years in experimentation, material management, design and others. The future of innovation for fast passenger plane will be in our reach.

Though probably with the materials that will be using and different designs, a passenger plane for that would be cost competitive.


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