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Experts: Emotional Crying Will Help You Lose Weight

On a recent study by experts, emotional crying will certainly help you lose weight and is associated with the hormones that amplify the cortisol level of a human.

Cortisol level are hormones involved in stress and its is natural protective response to perceive threat or any danger, an increase in level of cortisol will result in energy and strength.

According to the study of Dr. Aaron Neufeld of the Los Altos Optometric group, there are three types of tears namely (1) Basal tears, (2) Reflex tears and (3) Psychic tears.

The basal tears are considered the basic functional tear as these tears keeps our eyes moist. The reflex tears also known as imitational tears which cause by environment like smoke, wind and breeze. The Psychic tears is the tears that is mostly related with owns feelings and self-emotions.

Psychic tears triggers the cortisol level and will help you lose weight. Crying may also help us release our inner self feelings in any heartache in our life.

On a separate study, biochemist William Frey found out that the stress induced tears helps to eradicate different kinds of toxins in our body and this substances can be removed during emotional crying.

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