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Philippine Bill That Increase Excise Tax Of Tobacco Products, Approved!

The Philippine Senate approved the final reading that will increase the excise taxes on tobacco products with the proposal to lessen and reduce the smoking habits of Filipinos. The additional tax will fund the government’s Universal Health Care program.

According to the department of health secretary, the approval of the bill would save lives of some 200,000 Filipinos from smoking. The approved bill will decrease the smoking by at least 20% by 2023 and will help the Php40billion fund gap for the program.

The senate votes 20-0, with no negative votes the Senate Bill No. 2233 will increase the excise tax of cigarette pack from Php45 to Php60 in a span of 4years. Then a five percent hike will be implemented after the first 4years.

President Duterte ruled that this bill is urgent as he said “the urgent need to further protect the right to health of the people”.

The following of increase in tobacco products are as follows: Php45 per pack increase effective January 1, 2020, Php50 effective in January 2021, Php55 on January 2022 and Php60 on January 2023.

DOH will also work on other “sin” products like alcohol and e-cigarettes as the reiterated that this should be treated properly as they are just the same as the other tobacco products.

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