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Smallest McDonalds Restaurant Just Opened In Sweden (But its not for you)

McDonalds in Sweden just opened the world’s smallest McDonalds in the world, but the sad thing here it’s not for you. This is a very first of its kind and caters specific customers, it is dedicated for bees.

McDonalds Sweden on its official YouTube channel released a video called “McHive – the World’s Smallest McDonald’s”. There are Big Macs, Quarter Pounders at McHive as it is a fully functioning beehive.

Bees are facing serious threats around the world, different chemicals used in farming like insecticides and human infringement cause the bees to brink. Bees are very significant as they are pollinators.

Some McDonald’s in Sweden now sets up hives on their rooftops as safe havens for the bees so that they can thrive more. This initiative leads them to create the world’s smallest McDonalds.


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