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Sailor Moon-themed restaurant offers unique foods, drinks and a stage show

There are lots of anime themed restaurants that always pops up in Japan and there is the permanent Sailor Moon restaurant which offer unique sets for dine in and a stage show.

The restaurant just opened in August 2019 as this themed restaurant is a special and differ to others. Even released in 1991, Sailor Moon is still Japan’s premier magical girl anime/manga franchise.

The restaurant is called Sailor Moon Shining Moon Tokyo, it offers Sailor Moon themed food like Pretty Guardian Lunch Box and Moon Prism Rice Burger for lunch, or the Sailor Planet Round Sushi, Mako-chan-invented Somen cold noodles, or Tsukino Family’s Bunny Curry for dinner.

Drinks are also in themed form like Usagi Strawberry Smoothie or Mamoru Ice Coffee, with other lineup that includes pink lemonade, blue cider, red cider, green nectar, golden mango, and black sugar coffee.

Though apart from the themed food that it offers, the biggest draw of the restaurant is the stage show at dinner time which is a live Sailor Moon stage show performed on the stage.

There were three performance each night and each role is played by at least two actresses:

Sailor Moon Shining Moon Tokyo is located at Azabu Juban district, the neighborhood where Usagi/Sailor Moon lived in the anime/manga, as well as where series creator Naoko Takeuchi has lived.


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