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Bacterial outbreak bursts in China; thousands of people getting infected

After a leak at a biopharmaceutical company last year, a bacterial outbreak began to infect thousands of people in northwest China, according to authorities on Tuesday (September 15).

Although there were no fatalities recorded, the Health Commission of Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu province, said 1,401 people have tested as preliminarily positive while 3,245 people had confirmly contracted the disease brucellosis, which is often caused by contact with livestock carrying the bacteria brucella.

In total, authorities have tested 21,847 people out of the city's 2.9 million population

According to United States' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the disease is also known as Malta fever or Mediterranean fever that may cause symptoms including headaches, muscle pain, fever and fatigue. 

The CDC added, most people in China probably get infected by eating contaminated food or breathing in the bacteria because human-to-human transmission is extremely rare.

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