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China fires a "Long March Rocket" at sea directly above the skies of Taiwan

Chinese media reported that China had conducted a sea launch mission for its Long March-11 in the Yellow Sea and goes "over the skies of Taiwan Island, China."

The Long March 11 solid-propellant carrier rocket will send nine satellites into orbit in the nation's second sea-based launch mission.

The rocket's trajectory came from the Yellow Sea and flying south directly over Taiwan before heading over the Bashi Channel, past the Philippines, over the South China Sea, and over the Malaysian state of Sabah, Indonesia's Kalimantan and East Java.

With this launch, China is trumpeting its advances in aerospace and its military prowess.

The rocket deployed nine Jilin 1 high-resolution Earth-observation satellites — three to take videos and six to take photographs — in sun-synchronous orbits. The satellites were developed by Changguang Satellite Technology in Changchun, Jilin province.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense responded to the incident by saying "In response to the relevant developments, the joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance units of the military have carried out a full assessment of the situation and have taken appropriate measures."

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