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New Taipei City plans to level up its Christmasland to Disneyland this holiday season

The New Taipei City government is looking to turn the 2020 Christmasland into Disneyland with their sea of characters to enchant more visitors, Central News Agency reported.

Classic Disney characters like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Alice in Wonderland” to be included into the light shows and installations.

The bamboo installation art in New Taipei City Plaza, where Christmasland’s main light show usually takes place, will be turned into a Christmas tree and Christmasland will extend into the Fuzhong Shopping Area according to New Taipei City Department of Tourism and Information Commissioner Chang Chi-chiang.

The New Taipei city government is currently negotiating with Disney for the necessary authorisation and license. The target date of opening of the New Taipei Disneyland is mid-November. 

The New Taipei Christmasland gala is the largest annual Christmas event in Taiwan and was listed as one of the top overseas Christmas travel destination in the world.


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