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Popular restaurants in Taiwan found breaking several food safety laws

Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that there were nine popular restaurants in several cities and counties have been caught violating food safety regulations.

The findings were brought to light during the agency's inspection checks of 164 restaurants, some of which are located in tourist attractions and some are popular restaurants that are highly evaluated said FDA.

FDA specialist Chen Mei-chuan said some were using expired ingredients and others were found to have been cooking dishes using vegetables contaminated with excessive pesticide residue.

Nine restaurants failed the extensive checks including Sushiro Taipei Zhonghua Restaurant, which was found to have served a crab and shrimp salad dish below sanitation standards. Thai Town Zhubei Guangming Store in Hsinchu County and Sud Vista Restaurant in Miaoli County were found using expired ingredients.

Yi Hsuan Kitchen in Hsinchu City, Ya-yuan Restaurant in Taichung and Wu I Ssu Kitchen in Tainan were found to have been mislabeling halibut as more expensive codfish.

the Hsinchu J. Piin branch of Little Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant, Chien-Yeh Shabu Shabu in Taitung City and Cafe NuNu in Hsinchu County were found using vegetables containing excessive amounts of pesticide residue.

Violators of food safety are slapped with a fine ranging from NT$30,000 to NT$60,000.

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